Work with our trained pharmacists to work toward a healthier lifestyle that can include improved nutrition and increased exercise. Lifestyle changes are particularly important for those with high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other chronic illness.

We’ll provide the right information and motivation that will lead to small changes that make a big difference. We’ll show you the way and then help you stay the course so you can achieve your goals. The end result will be small changes that turn into lasting habits.

Meet with one of our pharmacists

We will explore your current eating habits to identify opportunities to shift to healthy yet satisfying options that your body and brain will eagerly welcome. We’ll identify your unique patterns and triggers that complicate weight management. We’ll also help with advice on portion size and deciphering food labels to identify hidden traps. For those with diabetes, we will introduce important concepts such as carbohydrate counting in a manageable way.

Create a healthy weight plan together

Together with your pharmacist, you will develop an individual plan that fits your goals and lifestyle. Because it is built around you it will be an effective path to your goals. A plan that includes delicious options to manage weight without leaving you hungry, and recommendations about regular exercise for an active lifestyle.

Regular follow-up

Your pharmacist is with you all the way for regular follow-ups (either in person or over the phone) to review success and update your program.

When it is all about you, then you can succeed.

The right information for you combined with the right motivation for you makes achieving your goals a lot easier. Visit your nearest Calgary Co-op pharmacy to get started on your program.

Our Pharmacists can help

Book an appointment (in person or virtual) or learn more about what our prescribing pharmacists can do for your health.