Our exclusive brands

Explore Cal & Gary’s, Founders & Farmers and Cal & Gary’s Organic, three exclusive Calgary Co-op brands created to reflect everything Calgarians love (including great deals).

With over 800 new products and growing… We can’t wait for you to make our exclusive brands part of your home.

Cal & Gary’s & Cal & Gary’s Organic

Curated for Calgarians

Who are Cal & Gary? Well, (hold on to your once-a-year cowboy hat) Cal & Gary are all of us – that’s right, every single Calgarian. And Cal & Gary’s is a growing line of hundreds of new products catering to our unique tastes including organic offerings to enjoy. Give Cal & Gary’s a try, we know you’ll love it.
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Founders & Farmers

What started as the seed of an idea – quality goods at great prices – has grown into a line of products our original founders and farmers would proudly use in their own homes. From household essentials, to fresh-grown items, we’re proud to share Founders & Farmers–everyday value, rooted in quality.
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Best From the West

Here, local isn’t just a trend, it’s why we started! We’re pleased to offer more than 2,400 products (from over 300 vendors) in-store and online that proudly are labelled with the “Best From the West” tag. All brands and products are put up against the following criteria to be considered:

  • Produced in Western Canada (made, grown, raised, or roasted)
  • Ingredients are grown, raised, or otherwise harvested from Western Canada
  • The food business is owned in Western Canada

On your next shopping trip look for the Best From The West tag.