There’s nothing more empowering than taking charge of your own health. Our Certified Diabetes Educators are trained to provide one-on-one education on nutrition, weight management, and medications such as a metformin and insulin.

Personalized diabetes services to meet your needs

A tailored care plan for diabetes management takes just 15-60 minutes at your local Calgary Co-op Pharmacy. During our initial consultation, a Calgary Co-op Certified Diabetes Educator will:

  • Review your history with diabetes
  • Assess your blood glucose and A1C level
  • Nutrition counselling and carbohydrate counting
  • Discuss the proper use of blood glucose monitors
  • Provide a diabetes action plan for self-management
  • Review proper injection techniques
  • Adjust your insulin therapy, based on the latest guidelines

Our diabetes services are the first step towards self-managing your care.

Our Pharmacists can help

Book an appointment (in person or virtual) or learn more about what our prescribing pharmacists can do for your health.