Medicine is made to help you heal and feel better. If you can’t take it, you can’t get better. So our pharmacists will custom compound medication just for you. Whether you have difficulty swallowing pills, allergies to pill ingredients, require a hard to get medication or even something specific for your pet, our custom compounding services will create your medicine the way you need it.

  • Dosage forms – Sometimes it’s easier to take in a different form. For example, a child may not be able to swallow a pill, but can take medicine in a chewable form.
  • Flavours – Not exactly a spoonful of sugar, but flavours do help the medicine go down.
  • Allergies – When some ingredients in medications impact allergies or other sensitivities, the medicine can be compounded without those ingredients.
  • Availability – If the precise medication you require is not available, we can compound your prescription.

Compounding can make it just right

If you have a specific medication need – such as a liquid preparation, a topical cream, or an allergy-friendly solution – our compounding services can help:

  • Liquid preparation or lozenges.
  • Flavoured chews.
  • Topical pain creams.
  • Compound hormone preparations, using plant-based hormones, in either pill form, suppositories, or in a meter-dosed pump cream.
  • Medicated chew treats in different flavours (chicken, beef or fish) for your cat or dog can save you a lot of grief getting them to take their meds.

We make getting better easier

Just visit your nearby Calgary Co-op pharmacy to see what we can do for you.