Weight loss is hard! Or is it? A Natural Choice advisor from Calgary Co-op makes living a healthy lifestyle much easier. These experts at healthy living will help create a plan built around your unique needs that will help you reach your nutritional goals.

Lose weight, and keep that weight off

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Our Natural Choice advisors have the expertise, and the products, to help you make simple changes towards a healthy lifestyle. It’s not that complex. First, we’ll get you moving. Run a marathon? No. Become a yoga guru? Not necessary. A little change, like walking more every day, is enough to get your metabolism humming.

Next, smart food choices that work naturally with the way your body has evolved to function. Fewer processed foods and more natural whole foods that provide the right mix of proteins, carb, fats and fibre. What makes us different? We’ll work with you to create a plan, and then help you evolve the plan as you reach your goals.

Making fibre fabulous

Dietary fibre keeps your digestive system running smoothly, helping ensure nutrients are absorbed and waste removed efficiently. Your Natural Choice advisor will look at your current dietary practice and show you easy ways to adopt cleaner eating habits.

Getting your fibre from fresh whole foods, like fruits, vegetables and whole grains, helps your body function at its best to manage weight. For example, did you know apples, pears, peaches and plums will counteract saturated fat in your diet by absorbing it before your body does?

There are hundreds of smart choices for fibre and we will find the ones that work best for you. Along with all the fruits and vegetables at Calgary Co-op, we have a wide selection of excellent fibre supplements you can choose from:

  • Fibre Smart from Renew Life
  • Fiberlicious from Purica
  • Regular Girl from Lorna Vanderhaege
  • Psyllium fibre powder from Organica

The right meal replacements

Think skipping a meal can help you lose weight? It can actually have the opposite effect. By starving your body, it will begin to protect fat and consume muscle in a well-evolved survival mode. The answer often isn’t eating less, but eating smart. Your Natural Choice advisor can help you find the right balance of fibre, protein, carbs, fat and nutrients throughout your day. Meal replacements can help, and we can show you the best ones to fit your needs, including:

  • Garden of Life-All in One
  • Progressive-Vegessential

Snacking smart

You lead a busy, hectic life. While you are trying to eat smart, sometimes life conspires against you and you just need a snack. So go ahead and snack – you can count on your Natural Choice advisor to guide you to smart snack options that have a good balance of proteins, carb, fats and fibre. Snacks that are less processed. Snacks that taste great. Snacks you don’t have to feel guilty about. Snacks like:

  • Iron Vegan Protein Bars
  • Simply Protein Protein Bars
  • Prairie Naturals Coconut Chips
  • Simply Protein Chips
  • Superseedz

Weight loss support products

The human body will respond to a number of natural products that can aid in weight loss. Some natural products, like green tea and coffee extracts, will help increase your metabolism to burn more calories. Or garcinia cambogia, proven to block an enzyme which your body uses to make fat. Garcinia cambogia also raises the serotonin level in your brain, which makes you feel less hungry. As experts on these and other natural products, your Natural Choice advisor can help you find options that work for you.

  • Green Coffee Bean – SlimCentials, Purica
  • Garcinia Cambogia – SlimCentials, Purica, Organika
  • Green Tea – AOR, Organika, New Chapter
  • Slim-Pro by CanPrev

NC weightlossBefore embarking on any weight loss program, we suggest you visit your physician for a physical and bloodwork. The information, like your blood sugar levels, will be beneficial for some of the options you could pursue with your Natural Choice advisor. 

Flush the toxins out of your life

Over the last 50 years, 50,000 to 60,000 new chemicals have been introduced into your environment. Your body’s toxin management system – kidneys, liver, lymph, skin, and digestive tract – works to flush these toxins out of your system. Natural Choice advisors can show you how to eat and live to help your body’s natural detox systems function at their best, or supplement them with natural detox products from:

• Renew Life
• Wild Rose
• Prairie Naturals

Immune system superheroes

You don’t have time to be sick! So spend a little time with a Natural Choice advisor to get everything you need to build a strong immune system. We build everything around you, so we start by looking at your life stage and lifestyle. In addition to eating smart and exercising, are you getting enough vitamin C and D? How are your sleep patterns? How much water do you drink every day? How much stress is in your life? A healthy immune system is a key cornerstone to your healthy lifestyle, and we will work with you to make yours as strong as possible.

  • Vitamin D – Prairie Naturals, Can Prev, Mega Food
  • Vitamin C – Sisu, Ener-C
  • Oregano Oil – St Francis, Joy of the Mountains, Botanica
  • Immune 7 – Purica
  • Elderberry – Sambucol, Dr. Drunner, Flora

Gut health

NC weightloss 2Your gut is your best friend in health. When your gut health is strong, it absorbs nutrients and eliminates waste efficiently, as well as powering your immune system. Your Natural Choice advisor has the knowledge and products to keep your gut healthy. Taking antibiotics? That can reduce beneficial bacteria in your gut. We’ll show you probiotic options to restore the balance. Over 50? Your thymus (primary lymphoid organ of your immune system) would benefit from eating astragalus and reishi mushrooms. Want to know what to eat more of? What to avoid? We will show you. Best of all, the plan and products will fit your unique needs.

  • Probiotics – Renew Life, Garden of Life, Flora
  • Enzymes – Prairie Naturals, Renew Life, Flora
  • Prebiotics+Fibre – Genuine Health


Get on a natural path

Our Natural Choice advisors have the expertise, and the products, to help you make simple changes towards a healthy lifestyle. Connect with a Natural Choice advisor today.