Bone and joint problems afflict a wide range of people, and they are caused by an equally wide number of issues. Causes can be linked to factors like diet, vitamin deficiency, age, genetics, hormones and athletic activity. Thankfully, your Natural Choice advisor has products that can improve bone and joint health.

A Natural Health advisor will always start by asking questions to determine what could be causing the issue. This is vital – one solutiondoes not fitall. Having a chat one-on-one with an advisor can help you find options that are right for you.

The healthy bone is connected to the Natural Choice advisor bone!

Take joint pain for example. Are you getting the right vitamins and minerals from the food you eat? Your Natural Choice advisor can provide options to ensure you are eating the right things. What’s your life stage? After 40 your body’s ability to convert carbs to glucosamine – vital to joint health – decreases. Food and supplement options can help. Joint inflammation? We have options like turmeric or topical creams. Osteoporosis or other bone density issues? Advisors have options for your entire bone matrix. Calcium, of course, but also Magnesium, Boron, Manganese, Collagen, K2, D3 and more.

Solutions that are right for you


Not only do Natural Choice advisors have a wide range of solutions for bone and joint issues, they have them in the form that is just right for you. You can choose from powder, pill or liquid options, and even plant-based solutions. We have a wide selection of brands as well:

  • Nature’s Way
  • Platinum Naturals
  • Natural Calm – Plain magnesium and calcium magnesium combos.
  • Purica
  • New Chapter Bone – Plant based
  • Megafoods
  • Enerex
  • AOR Bone Basics
  • CanPrev Curcumin-Pro


Get on a natural path to bone and joint health

There are Natural Choice advisors waiting to help you get on, and stay on, a path to better bone and joint health. Connect with a Natural Choice advisor today.