What is the cost for a travel consult?

Single consult $ 60.00

Couple Consult: $ 110.00

Family (Max 4): $ 150.00

The cost for each additional person attending a family consult is $35.00.

No hidden fees. The cost of the consult includes all injection administration fees.

Do I need a consult if I am travelling to a resort?

Yes, a consult is recommended for travel anywhere outside North America.  We have reduced fees for resort travel to the following destinations.

Resort Travel (Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, other Caribbean islands):
Single: $45

Couple $80

Family (Up to 4) $100
Additional family members $30/person

Conditions apply to qualify for this reduced service.

Are there any additional fees that may apply?

A $20 fee per vaccine administered will apply for return booster appointments.  This does not include the cost of  the vaccine.

Vaccinations are priced individually and will be charged in addition to the consult fee.

Why do I need an appointment?

Can’t you just tell me what I need over the phone?

  • Our Travel health pharmacists assess your individual itinerary and tailor a current detailed plan as they are up-to-date on all the latest travel health news and advisories.
  • They provide recommendations beyond just what vaccinations and medications are necessary. The consult is personalized based on your travel itinerary, prescription medications, and immunization history.

How long will the appointment last?

Appointment times can range from 1-2 hours depending on your destination. Family appointments can take longer depending on the number of people and destination.

What will happen the day of my appointment?

  • A personalized Travel Report will be prepared that contains all relevant medical information tailored for you and your specific trip.
  • An assessment of all medications and vaccinations needed (prescription given)
  • All prescriptions filled on the appointment day
  • All initial vaccines administered on appointment day (booster shots may require follow-up appointments)
  • You will also get advice and be able to purchase travel health accessories including first aid kits, compression socks, mosquito nets and repellents and other items for your travel needs.

Do you administer Yellow Fever?

Yes. The charge for Yellow Fever Consult is $60. Your Yellow Fever Certificate of Vaccination will be provided.

Can you administer injections to my children?

Injections can only be administered to travellers 5 and over. For travellers under 5 years of age, we can provide a full consultation, write, fill the prescriptions and dispense the injections to take back to a family physician for administration.