Your body loves protein and uses it prodigiously. You need it to build and repair tissue, make enzymes and hormones as well as blood, bones, cartilage, muscle, skin, hair and nails. It is vital, and Natural Choice advisors can help you get enough, whether you need protein replacement or additional protein for working out.

The right protein for your needs

smoothies2Not all protein sources are the same. Your Natural Choice advisor will help you determine your needs and present options that fit those needs. Perhaps you just need to alter your diet to reach your goal. Or maybe a protein supplement is required. We have lots of options. Vegan or vegetarian? We can help you get the protein you need. If you are working out and taking protein to build muscle, we can help, too. We also have all-in-one shakes that deliver protein along with a full range of other nutrients. Plus, there are dairy, non-dairy and vegan options, all from top brands like:

  • Kaizen
  • Genuine Health
  • Botanica Perfect protein
  • Garden of Life
  • Progressive

Natural Choice protein options are subject to third party testing to ensure quality.

Get on a natural path to protein

Natural Choice advisors can help you find protein sources that meet your needs. Connect with a Natural Choice advisor today.