Natural choice options for dogs & cats

You love your pet and want the best for them. Just like humans, the food your pet eats will impact their health and wellbeing. And as they age, they could use a little help with pain and health issues – just like humans. The difference is they are counting on you to make smart choices for them. Natural Choice advisors can help you by providing you with natural options to keep your pets happy and healthy.

Healthy pets are happy pets

petsYou’ll find food and treat options for cats and dogs of all size and life stage free of by-products, artificial colours, chemical preservatives and rendered meats, including Calgary Co-op Gold Pure cat and dog food without corn, wheat or soy. You can also get natural products specially formulated for pet health, including soothing salves for rashes, drops for ear care, immunity boosters, relief for hip and joint pain, glucosamine supplements to help rebuild joint cartilage, Omega 3 and probiotics. In our Strathmore location we even have natural choice options for horses.

Solutions that are right for your pet

  • Making smart decisions for your pets can help them stay healthier and live longer. We feature prime brands that offer natural choices for food, treats and health supplements:Bach Remedies
  • Omega Alpha
  • Purica
  • St. Francis
  • BiologicVet – Flora

Get on a natural path to pet health

There are Natural Choice advisors waiting to help you get your pet on a path to better health. Connect with a Natural Choice advisor today.