Our Program is a Breath of Fresh Air

The most successful attempts at quitting smoking usually involve both drug therapy and behavioural counselling. The average smoker tries to quit seven times before they are successful. We know you've learnt something about your habit each time. Tell us about it and let us build a plan together.

The Co-op Tobacco Reduction Program provides both, plus:
• Private, one-to-one consultation with a Calgary Co-op pharmacist
• Methods to help you overcome withdrawal symptoms and relapses
• Products that will help you quit 
• In-person or over-the-phone follow-up support

Some people may only visit us once, getting everything they need to quit. Others like to have regular consultation and support. It’s up to you. Our tobacco reduction program is designed to provide what you need on your terms. Just drop by the nearest Co-op pharmacy and we can begin.

If you wish to book an appointment or want more information, please contact us by filling out a referral form below. 

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Finding it difficult to quit smoking?

It can be a powerful addiction. Take this short test to determine how dependent you are on tobacco.

How soon after you wake do you smoke your first cigarette?

Do you find it difficult to refrain from smoking in places where it is forbidden, e.g., library, cinema, workplace, etc.?

Which cigarette would you hate most to give up?

How many cigarettes per day do you smoke?

Do you smoke more frequently during the first hours after waking than during the rest of the day?

Do you smoke even if you are so ill that you are in bed most of the day?

Patients who smoke more than 31 cigarettes per day and have their first cigarette within 5 minutes of waking are considered to be highly dependent.

No matter how strong your addiction is, we have the tools and expertise to help you quit. Come see a tobacco reduction pharmacist at a Co-op pharmacy to get all the information and assistance you need to successfully remove smoking from your life.
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If you wish to book an appointment or want more information, please contact your local Co-op pharmacy.

Come see a certified respiratory educator pharmacist at a Co-op pharmacy. We’ll work with you to explore options that can help control your asthma and improve your breathing. Co-op pharmacy.

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