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January 8, 2019

Winter may have its drawbacks, like snow shoveling, minus double digit temperatures and icy sidewalks, but for some, it also holds the promise of a tropical vacation. If you’re heading out of town to warmer climates this season, Co-op has you covered with all the necessities for your trip.

Whether you need some ‘just in case’ medications to deal with Montezuma’s Revenge or you just want to pack smart, we’ve got you covered.

carry onTravel Size Toiletries for Your Carry-on
Savvy travelers know that if you really want to keep things moving, carrying-on is the way to fly to your tropical getaway. There’s no worry about lost luggage (with your bathing suits inside!) or having to hand off your big suitcase to strangers. 

Of course, packing light means having to pare down your essentials, but Co-op has you covered with small, packable and airline approved soaps, shampoos, lotions and more. In fact, there’s an entire section of the pharmacy area in stores that has dozens of different products and major brands, so you’re sure to find your favourites. 

From hairspray, to shaving cream, mini laundry detergents, body wash, disposable razors, toothpaste of all kinds and even mini toothbrushes, there’s a whole array of products on offer. 

Anything you need for your beach vacation or ski getaway to the mountains can be slipped into one of those appropriately-sized storage bags if need be. 

Get Vaccinations or Advice On What Medications to Bring
If you’re heading to a tropical climate and wondering if you need vaccinations, your Co-op pharmacist can help.

Co-op pharmacists are able to prescribe and administer vaccines both for preventative health as well as shots travelers may need when heading out on world voyages.

“Say someone is going to Peru. They’ll fill out a pre-travel questionnaire indicating what all of their medical conditions are, and what medications they are taking. The pharmacist will evaluate and assess this information and will then initiate prescriptions accordingly based on where they are going and their medical history,” explains Sonal Ejner, Pharmacy Professional Services Manager at Co-op. “They may need a yellow fever vaccine, they may need malaria tablets, they may need something for travellers’ diarrhea. So our pharmacists our able to initiate that at the clinic, fill those prescriptions and also inject in one appointment.”  

To take advantage of this service, just complete the pre-travel questionnaire at least 48-hours (2 business days) prior to your appointment. This will confirm your appointment and ensure Co-op has all the information necessary for you to experience a happy, healthy and safe journey.  

For inquiries or to book an appointment email For a last minute booking, phone the location of your choice.  

family vacationCo-op customers can visit a Travel Health Clinic at the following locations: 

Find Sunscreen Easily—Even in the Middle of Winter
Whether you’re heading for fresh powder or sandy beaches, don’t forget to pack the sunscreen! In the travel section at your neighbourhood Co-op, you can find full size bottles of sunscreen so there’s no need to pay those high resort prices. 

If you’ve got a winter vacation coming up, head to your local Co-op for everything you need from vaccinations, to packable toiletries—and maybe even a few road trip snacks.



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