Date published

August 16, 2023

Local Supporting Local 

As a local business deeply rooted in the heart of Alberta, our commitment to supporting local farmers and producers is unwavering. We firmly believe that by sourcing our beef, chicken, lamb and a selection of pork from within the province, we not only ensure the freshest and most sustainable products for our customers but also actively contribute to the growth of our vibrant community.

By partnering with nearby farmers and ranchers, we celebrate the rich agricultural heritage of Alberta while helping to strengthen its economy. This partnership ensures that our customers have access to meats of the highest quality—produced ethically and sustainably.

Only Alberta Black Angus Beef

We’re excited to share Only Alberta Black Angus Beef with Calgary Co-op shoppers. Renowned for its exceptional tenderness, marbling, and rich flavour, Black Angus Beef is a favourite among steak enthusiasts and discerning chefs worldwide. With this unique offering, you can bring home Canada AA 14-Day, Canada AAA 21-Day and Canada AAA 28-Day Dry Aged Beef. 

What sets our Only Alberta Black Angus Beef apart is that it’s locally sourced from Alberta’s very own Black Angus cattle ranchers. These dedicated ranchers raise their cattle with utmost care, ensuring they graze on lush, nutrient-rich pastures, leading to beef of unparalleled quality. Because of this, these packages are proudly sealed with a CRSB Certified Mass Balance Beef Sustainability logo. 

Taste the Difference Today 

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