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News from Your Travel Experts

Travel Blog

Packing for an Active Holiday

Posted in Travel Tips, CTV Morning Live Travel Reports, Travel

For most types of trips, a regular suitcase with wheels is perfect. There are some type of trips and destinations that bringing a back pack is a major advantage and we’ll show you how to pack.

Comments 2 days ago

Cruising Alaska: America’s Last Frontier

Posted in Travel Tips, CTV Morning Live Travel Reports, Travel, Others

Alaska is sometimes thought of as America's last frontier, with the state's rugged mountains covering huge amounts of land, and much of it largely untouched by humans. It is also home to glaciers and wide waterways that enable cruising to be such an amazing way to see Alaska.

Comments 09 Apr 2015

Modern and Traditional Japan

Posted in Travel Tips, CTV Morning Live Travel Reports, Travel

Geisha girls in kimonos, ancient temples and delicate bonsai trees. Blinding neon billboards, screeching karaoke bars and high-tech high-rises. There's a dichotomy of ancient and modern culture in Japan that creates a vibe unlike that of any other Asian nation.

Comments 02 Apr 2015

Tiny Islands with Big Sights in the Cook Islands

Posted in Travel Tips, Hot Deals, CTV Morning Live Travel Reports, Travel

Want to go to a place that is made up of a mix of coral atolls and volcanic islands, has an ideal climate, offers stunning scenery, is inhabited by smiling, spontaneous and warm-hearted people and is influenced by its Polynesian culture? The Cook Islands might be the ultimate escape plan.

Comments 30 Mar 2015

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$656.00 + Tx $132.00
South Pacific
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$1131.00 + Tx $176.00

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