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Make a visit to your Co-op pharmacist part of your regular routine.

Our pharmacies are conveniently located in all of Co-op food centers in Calgary, Airdrie, Strathmore and High River.

Open every day, for your convenience:

    Monday - Friday 9:00am - 9:00pm
    Saturday  9:00am - 6:00pm
    Sunday 10:00am - 6:00pm

Our certified pharmacists provide a complete range of pharmacy services, including prescription and non-prescription medications, health and wellness information, counseling, clinics and programs, and injections (such as flu shots).

Flu Shot Clinics

Beginning October 20, 2014, all of our pharmacies will host complimentary in-store flu shot immunizations. Please call or visit your local Co-op Pharmacy to book an appointment and/or to inquire about walk-in availability.

To be eligible for flu shots, an individual must live, work or go to school in Alberta, must be nine years of age or older and must show Alberta Health Care card.

Please Note: For those Albertans who are leaving the province prior to October 20, our pharmacists will be available to administer the flu vaccine after September 29 at no charge.


Contact your local pharmacy to book an appointment to administer injections prescribed to you by your doctor, including:

  • Travel vaccinations
  • Immunizations
  • B12
  • Humira
  • Zostavax (for shingles prevention)

Medication Reviews

Your pharmacist can create a personalized care plan to ensure you understand the medications you are taking, help identify and solve any medication-related problems and ensure you are taking your medications as prescribed.

Book an appointment today.

Customized Prescription Packaging

With PACMED® all of your prescriptions are combined and organized into individual pouches, which helps ensure you always take your medication at the right time. It’s convenient, easy, personalized and totally secure.

Ask your pharmacist for more details.

Prescription Compounding Services

Co-op Pharmacies can custom compound a variety of medications for your family and your pets.

For example, if you have difficulty swallowing pills your medication may be turned into a gummie bear, lollipop or liquid preparation.

Ask your pharmacist for more details.

Specialized Health Services

A one-to-one consultation with a Certified Diabetes Educator or Certified Respiratory Educator trained on how to monitor and assess your condition will give you a better understanding of diabetes or respiratory health plus an action plan for self-management.

Contact your local Co-op Pharmacy for more information.

Free Prescriptions Delivery

Need a prescription refill but can’t get to a pharmacy? No problem. You may simply call in your refill to one of our pharmacies and we’ll deliver it directly to your home – free of charge.

Diabetes Health Services Program

Designed to educate patients and teach them how to self-manage their diabetes. This program is facilitated by a Co-op pharmacist who is a Certified Diabetes Educator, trained in A1C monitoring to assess long term blood glucose control.

Respiratory Health Services Program

This program is designed to educate patients and teach them how to manage their respiratory conditions, including asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. In addition, our Tobacco Reduction Program is offered to those patients interested in smoking cessation. (Please Note: One-on-one tobacco reduction consultations are available by appointment only.)

Travel Health Services Program

Our travel pharmacist will review your travel itinerary, your prescription medications, and immunization history and provide recommendations regarding any travel vaccinations and medications you may need. A personalized travel report will be prepared for you, including travel advice specific to your destination. (The initial consultation takes approximately 1 hour.)

Please Note: Hamptons and Richmond Road locations only.

Gluten Awareness Program

Your Co-op Pharmacy provides resources and support tools for those interested in learning more about celiac disease and gluten intolerance. You will also have the opportunity to complete a Biocard diagnostic test for celiac disease.

Calgary Co-op carries over 800 gluten-free products throughout our Grocery, Bakery, Deli, Meat and Produce departments. Simply look for the “gluten free” signs in-store.

Please Note: There is a fee for Biocard diagnostic testing. Please contact your pharmacist for more information.



The licensee is required to provide, on the request of the patient, the name and practice permit of any regulated member who provides a pharmacy service to the patient or who engages in the practice of pharmacy with respect to a patient.

We ensure that only qualified pharmacists practice in our pharmacies. They must be licensed in the province of Alberta, and must maintain their knowledge and skills at the highest level possible.

Governance in Alberta

The Alberta College of Pharmacists governs the pharmacy profession in Alberta to support and protect the public’s health and well-being. They set and enforce a high standard of competence and ethical conduct.

Patients who have concerns about the pharmacy services they receive are encouraged to discuss the problem directly with the pharmacist. Every pharmacy has a pharmacy licensee, responsible for the policies and procedures at the pharmacy, who can also address your concerns. If necessary, you may ask to speak to the licensee.

If you are still concerned, please contact the Alberta College of Pharmacists directly.

To view the pharmacy license by centre, please find your Co-op pharmacy location.

Tobacco Reduction

If you’re thinking about quitting smoking, we can help you. Our trained tobacco reduction pharmacists can help you quit or reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke. Whether this is your first attempt, or a recurring New Year’s Resolution, we’ll work with you to develop a plan that works. We offer one to one consultation and will continue to work with you, no matter how long it takes or how many barriers you have faced in the past. You do not have to quit on your own. With our tobacco reduction pharmacists, you can finally kick the habit for good. 

Stop by your local Co-op Pharmacy for more information today. No appointment is necessary.

Flu Shot Clinic Update

Flu Shot Clinics

Flu Shot Clinic Update

Beginning October 20, 2014, all of our pharmacies will host complimentary in-store flu shot immunizations.

Please call or visit your local Co-op Pharmacy to book an appointment and/or to inquire about walk-in availability.

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