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From scallops to shrimp, crab legs to oysters, you’ll always find your favourite, including the best seasonally available options. And, with 6 fresh deliveries every week, you’ll enjoy the freshest seafood Co-op has to offer.

PEI Mussels

PEI Mussels

We love flexing our mussels, especially the delicious, buttery, world-famous PEI variety flown fresh to our stores.

Sushi-Grade Tuna

Sushi-Grade Tuna

Call it yellowfin, call it Ahi, or call it delicious—you’ll obsess over our sushi-grade tuna, caught fresh daily in the Pacific.

Arctic Char Fillets

Arctic Char Fillets

Comin’ in cold! This easy-cook, sustainably caught salmon alternative is flown in fresh from Canada’s Arctic.

Pickerel Fillets

Pickerel Fillets

The pride of the Prairies! Pickerel is a mild, flakey freshwater fish caught fresh from the lakes of Manitoba.

Organic Chinook Salmon

Organic Chinook Salmon

Feed your mind with omega-3 rich organic Chinook salmon, awesome baked, smoked, or barbecued.

How To Shuck An Oyster

How To Shuck An Oyster

Wash, Open, Serve & Enjoy!

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Making the Ocean Wise Choice

At Calgary Co-op, we’re dedicated to protecting our planet by offering sustainable choices that benefit our global community. Overfishing is a monumental, global issue. That’s why we’re proud to announce we’ll now be offering seafood in our stores that bears the Ocean Wise logo — your assurance it’s an ocean-friendly choice.

Why Ocean Wise?

Ocean wise seafood logoOur oceans are facing a number of threats: overfishing, climate change, pollution and urban development. Today, only 15% of the world’s fish stocks are not classified as being overfished. One way to ensure future generations can also enjoy seafood is by purchasing sustainable options.

Ocean Wise is a Canadian conservation program that makes it easy for you, the consumer, to choose sustainable seafood for the long-term health of our oceans.

Ocean Wise uses four basic criteria to assess seafood, and then makes a simple decision — the seafood is either Ocean Wise or Not Recommended.

You can be assured that you’ve made a sustainable choice when you purchase seafood bearing the Ocean Wise symbol.

How long has Ocean Wise been around?

The Ocean Wise concept was launched by the Vancouver Aquarium in 2005. Originally found in 16 restaurants, there are now more than 750 Ocean Wise partners operating in thousands of locations all across Canada.

What is sustainable seafood?

Sustainable seafood refers to species that are caught or farmed in a way that ensures the long-term health and stability of that species, as well as of the greater marine ecosystem.

Ocean wise Steelhead Trout FilletsIs sustainable seafood more expensive?

Not necessarily. And you may have already been purchasing sustainable seafood without knowing it! But now that much of the seafood in Calgary Co-op will display the Ocean Wise logo, you can rest assured that it meets Ocean Wise’s criteria for sustainability.

Does Ocean Wise update their recommendations?

Yes, they do. Ocean Wise continually reviews their recommendations, and species are regularly updated or reclassified with the latest scientific recommendations.

• Four out of every 10 fish caught are bycatch (unwanted fish and marine creatures)
• 85% of the world’s assessed fish stocks are currently over-exploited or at capacity
• Seafood is the primary protein source for more than 1 billion people
• 48% of the major fish stocks in Canada’s waters are considered healthy

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