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April 24, 2024

We’re picky about our produce and focus on bringing our members only the best local tomatoes, mushrooms, herbs and more that are truly homegrown! Whether you’re enjoying it on its own or adding it to a colourful recipe, get to know the Local Produce Vendors we’re pleased to carry.

Big Marble Farms

Located in sunny Medicine Hat, Alberta, Big Marble Farms thrives in an ideal climate, yielding the finest greenhouse produce since 2012. As the largest independent greenhouse in the prairies, spanning nearly 80 acres, they supply fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and more across the region and BC year-round, thanks to innovative grow light technology. Committed to community and sustainability, they support local programs, youth sports, food banks, and prioritize eco-friendly practices, striving to leave a positive impact for generations to come. At Big Marble Farms, they’re “ALWAYS GROWINGTM” towards a brighter, greener future.

Paradise Hill Farms

Paradise Hill Farm, nestled in Nanton near Calgary, offers hand-picked, hand-packed produce, swiftly delivered to Calgary Co-op stores within 24 hours. For 24 years, we’ve exclusively supplied Calgary Co-op, prioritizing happy local staff, healthy plants, and eco-friendly practices for sustainable farming and delicious, guilt-free produce.

Highline Mushrooms

Established in 1961 by Dr. Murray O’Neil, Highline Mushrooms began as a modest family farm in Leamington, Ontario, evolving into the world’s largest producer of fresh organic mushrooms. With farms strategically positioned across BC, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec, we ensure a steady supply for North America while prioritizing ethical, sustainable, and renewable practices. From converting agricultural by-products into nutrient-rich substrates to optimizing water usage and energy management, we’re committed to creating a clean, sustainable future for our environment, farms, associates, community, and customers. With our small farm footprint and reduced food miles, we strive for maximum efficiency and minimal environmental impact in every aspect of our operations.


Hydragreens, a Calgary-based, family-owned company, operates with a commitment to sustainability. Our largely solar-powered facility harnesses waste heat in winter and recycles water. Biodegradable substrates, organic seeds, and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) systems minimize waste. With a focus on proximity to market, we limit food transportation miles. We eschew pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, ensuring clean, healthy produce for Calgary for over 2 years.

Shopping local is both sustainable, and delicious! Explore these local vendors and more in-store and online.

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