Date published

September 20, 2020

The transition into autumn is the optimum time to start thinking of all the yummy dishes to prepare with the season’s nourishing produce and this year, why not try something new? Have a look at some of our less traditional ideas for classic fall vegetables.

What to do with beets

Beets, with their irresistible hues of crimson, amethyst and gold, bring in the fall like no other vegetable. A firm favourite in soups and salads, there’s loads of ways to incorporate this versatile root veg into your meals. Try slicing them paper-thin and baking in the oven with olive oil and spices to make beet chips—a healthy alternative to fried potatoes.

Fall veggies beets blogIn need of a post-summer detox? Juicing your beets with some carrots and a pinch of turmeric is a delicious way to get an immediate boost of nutrition.

The earthy taste of beets is a surprisingly welcome addition to sweet treats! Adding grated beets to your red velvet cake will make it super moist as well as constituting a healthy alternative to artificial food colourings.




What to do with onions

Step away from the soup maker and try some fresh onion recipes this fall! When caramelized in red wine, onions reach heavenly levels of deliciousness. Fall veggies onion blogTry baking them in a tart with garlic & herb cream cheese or stirring them through a mushroom risotto or piling them onto a steak sandwich.

Add some crunch and flavour to your salads and burgers with crispy onions. Simply soak circles of white onion in buttermilk for ten minutes, drain them and toss them in flour and a sprinkle of salt before frying in vegetable oil.

What to do with potatoes

One of fall’s most classic vegetables, the potato is the ultimate comfort food. Shake up those colder autumn days with some fun new recipe ideas.

fall veggies potato blogA Swiss favourite, potato röstis are a simple and delicious side dish—or use as a gluten-free base for eggs Benedict. Grate your potatoes and combine with an egg, some flour, baking powder, onions and sage leaves. Mould into small patties and fry in vegetable oil until golden brown and delicately crispy. These beauties can be enjoyed on their own or with the sumptuous addition of some sour cream dressing.

The flavours of India inspire another amazing way to eat potatoes. Saag aloo is an easy and mouth-wateringly tasty curry made with potatoes, spinach and a host of warming spices such as mustard seeds, turmeric, garlic, ginger, chilli and cumin. High in iron and fibre, this dish is both nutritious and warming. Look for ready-to-use curry sauces at Co-op to save time.

A tasty tradition for onions AND potatoes

For brunch, or lunch, try a Spanish tortilla. Start by slow-frying one potato and a small handful of onions in oil and butter. Add a minced garlic clove and two whisked eggs before covering and leaving to cook on low for around 20 minutes, until the edges become golden brown. Flip it and then cook for another 5-10 minutes until it takes a soft but solid form.

What to do with Cabbage

Crisp, sharp cabbage makes a wholesome base for a variety of dishes. A twist on traditional coleslaw combines red cabbage with crunchy green apples, scallions and pecans. Toss the salad with a vinaigrette made from honey, mustard, oil and lime juice and you’ve got yourself the perfect accompaniment to pork chops.

fall veggies cabbage blogIt’s no secret that cabbage and bacon is a match made in heaven as the addition of pork fat turns a simple pot of braised cabbage into an indulgent treat. To Braise, cut cabbage into chunks or narrow wedges, dress with oil or melted butter, then place in a covered baking dish until it’s extremely soft. Serve with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Update this simple classic with some Asian-inspired flavours, cooking the cabbage in a mix of soy sauce, sugar and garlic.

If you’re a fan of the grill, try cutting a head of cabbage into four chunky quarters and charring on the grill for a more mellow, smoky flavour. Top with a simple dressing of lime, garlic and salt and serve alongside fish for a light and refreshing meal.

What to do with carrots

Another fall staple, carrots’ orange hue perfectly mirrors the beauty of the changing leaves while their sweet crunch recalls the brightness of summer.

Roasted carrot dip is a deceptively straightforward but super impressive appetizer that will wow at your next dinner party. Smear your carrots with olive oil and sprinkle them with paprika, cumin and cinnamon before roasting for 30-40 mins, letting them become slightly caramelized. Once they’ve cooled, add honey, lemon juice and garlic and either mash with a fork or blitz in the food processor before serving with warm bread or crudités.

fall veggies cabbage sticks blogFor breakfast, try a batch of carrot cake oatmeal breakfast cookies. Simply blend grated carrot, instant oatmeal, flour and baking powder with an egg, some honey, vanilla, coconut oil and a pinch of cinnamon before baking in the oven. The honey and the natural sweetness of the carrots make these cookies low in refined sugar so they’re a totally guilt-free snack!

Fall’s versatile vegetables open up a range of opportunities for new and delicious recipe ideas. Now is the perfect time to hit the market, stock up on seasonal produce and get cooking.