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May 1, 2024

Calgary is home to delicious bakeries and confectionaries, creating sweet and savoury treats. From baked good staples to gluten-free and international delights, Calgary’s bakeries make it all.

Calgary Italian Bakery

Discover Calgary Italian Bakery, baking high-quality, breads, buns and more! Located in Calgary, they deliver fresh baked goods to the greater Calgary area, and are one of the few English muffins producers is Western Canada. They offer a delectable array of classics like white and brown breads alongside savory dinner buns. But their expertise doesn’t stop there—indulge in a variety of specialty breads, from tangy sourdough to buttery brioche and rustic ciabatta.

Byblos Bakery

Byblos Bakery started in 1975 producing hand-made pita bread and has grown to provide fresh, high-quality pitas, naans, bagels and tortillas to Western Canada. Byblos baked goods are nutritious addition to on-the-go meals. and has grown since then to be the Number 1 Branded Pita Bread in Western Canada.

Care Bakery

Baked here in Calgary, Care Bakery specializes in crafting gluten-free, vegan baked goods, catering to diverse dietary needs without compromising on taste or quality. Their range includes bread, pastries, and desserts, meticulously created with wholesome ingredients, ensuring delicious options for those with food sensitivities or lifestyle preferences, fostering inclusivity in culinary enjoyment.

Lakeview Bakery

Lakeview Bakeries, founded in 1996, serves the Calgary area artisanal baked goods, offering a diverse range from breads to pastries. Known for its commitment to quality ingredients and traditional baking methods, Lakeview has garnered a loyal following in its community. With a focus on freshness and flavor, it delivers delicious treats daily.

Olivier’s Candies

Since 1909, Oliver’s Candies has being creating delectable confections in Calgary. Oliver’s first began as a bakery, later expanding to include candy and ice cream. With over 100 years of experience, they blend tradition with modernity, maintaining founder Gaspard’s original caramel recipe.

Coco Karamel

Coco Karamel specializes in Alfajores, a cookie sandwich with dulce de leche filling originating South African. The cookies are made right here in Calgary, and shared with all of Canada. The Alfajores comes in three flavours, traditional, dark chocolate and white chocolate and are best enjoyed with with coffee, tea or as a after work snack.

Oh La La

Oh La La is a gluten free bakery located in Calgary, hand-crafting a variety of sweet treats. From cookies and muffins to mousse desserts and donuts, Oh La La’s is baking extraordinary gluten-free goods with unparalleled taste and presentation.

Crave Cupcakes

Crave cupcakes opened their first bakery in Calgary’s neighborhood of Kensington, bringing their from scratch baking and family recipes to Calgarians. Now you can pick-up cake and cookie mix with pre-made buttercream icing at Calgary Co-op to bake at home, without the mess or fuss and same great taste.

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