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Time Saving Holiday Hacks

Time Saving Holiday Hacks

When you talk about the holidays and cooking, most immediately think of those long hours spent in the kitchen whipping up family-sized meals for Thanksgiving...

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Make It Tonight: Spolumbo's Chicken Sausage

Make It Tonight: Spolumbo's Chicken Sausage

Spolumbo’s chicken sausages have been around for decades—they’re a mild alternative to the classic spicy Italian pork sausage, and perfect for tossing on the grill...

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Make It Tonight:  Stewing Beef & Stew Mix

Make It Tonight: Stewing Beef & Stew...

Stewing beef is an easy cut to braise; similar to stewing, braising is a low, slow cooking method, utilizing some liquid—stock, broth, beer, wine or...

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Best from the West

True to our roots as a locally owned and operated business, we’ve always been committed to the communities we serve. With every visit to Co-op, you’re supporting Alberta agriculture, Western Canada products and the hardworking people behind it. Come in and taste the difference today.

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We Make Entertaining Awesome

So you volunteered (or were volun-told) to host the party, and you have no idea what to serve. Fear not! We have freshly-prepared trays for every occasion. Our bakery, deli, and produce experts love putting together platters perfect for everyone’s tastes and preferences—even that one vegan AND gluten-free friend. We also make sushi, beverages, even beautiful flower bouquets to make your event blossom. Just order 24 hours in advance and we’ll do the rest.

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