Date published

August 16, 2023

Lather yourself with sustainability

Keep yourself and the environment clean with the launch of our new Cal & Gary’s Carbon Capture Bar Soap! All six fragrances are made with Calgary’s recycled carbon dioxide (CO2) using a clean carbon capture program. This unique product assortment demonstrates our dedication to the planet and offers our members with a high-quality, clean ingredient, natural product that is both better for you and for the environment.

Not only will your skin rejoice in these products – you can also feel great about its reduced environmental footprint. These signature soaps only use natural ingredients, are free of parabens and palm oil, are septic-safe, and our packages are 100% recyclable. Even after using this soap, CO2 remains captured and doesn’t revert to harmful chemicals.

What is the Carbon Capture Process?

We’ve teamed up with a Calgary-based company to produce six sustainable soaps through their carbon capture process. With the installation of our carbon capture unit at Calgary Co-op’s Head Office we can reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide by 6 to 8 tonnes (equivalent to about 300 trees a year), reclaim more energy and not release gases back into the air.

Check out the step-by-step summary on our carbon capturing process below.

Step 1: A CarbinX unit has been installed and connected to natural gas heaters and boilers at Calgary Co-op headquarters.

Step 2: Our CarbinX unit captures CO2 from appliances and sequesters CO2 as potassium carbonate, otherwise known as pearl ash.

Step 3: Often used in many hygiene products, Pearl ash is transferred to a local soap production facility.

Step 4: The facility produces Cal & Gary’s six specialty bar soaps!

Production of Cal & Gary’s Carbon Capture Bar Soap focuses on being better for the environment, our members and our community.

Find Your Favourite

Our six unique scents offer a luscious and full lather for optimal cleanliness. Find the six new bar soaps below.

Shop with sustainability in mind and pick up a bar soap, or two in the Natural Choice section at your nearest Calgary Co-op location or online at Work Better TogetherAt Calgary Co-op, we aim to enrich our members by taking actions that positively impact the well-being of the communities we serve. With our latest venture in offering eco-friendly bar soaps, we are hopeful to continue our sustainability and social responsibility efforts.