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You know that first bite of home-cooked burger, fresh off the BBQ? You know what makes that bite taste even better? Knowing those ingredients are a few of Calgary Co-op’s 2,500 local Best from the West products. Because along with the flavours of caramelizing beef, crisp lettuce and melting cheese from the best farmers and producers in the West, is the flavour of supporting a local grocery store owned by 440,000 Calgarians.

The Selection Process

Best From The West

Here, local isn't just a trend, it's why we started! We are pleased to offer our shoppers more than 2,500 products in-store and online that proudly are labeled with the "Best From The West" tag. All brands and products are put up against the following criteria to be considered:

- Your product has been produced in Western Canada (made, grown, raised, or roasted)
- Your product’s ingredients are grown, raised, or otherwise harvested from Western Canada
- Your food business is owned in Western Canada

On your next shopping trip look for the Best From The West tag and learn more about the producers below! 

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Only Alberta Meats

Co-op was started by local farmers and ranchers committed to providing the best food to their families and neighbours. We keep this tradition alive today by offering fresh beef, chicken and lamb from Alberta and nowhere else.

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