Thank you, Member-Owners for voting in the 2024 Director Election. The results are in.

Three directors have been elected to the board to serve a three-year term on the Calgary Co-op Board of Directors: Dominique Gregoire, Miranda Keating-Erickson and Brad Krizan.

The 2024-2025 Calgary Co-op Board of Directors, including its new members, consists of nine directors: Brad Krizan, Board Chair; Ken White, Vice-Chair; Victoria E. Bradbury, Elliot Bridgewater, Mike Dalton, Dominique Gregoire, Miranda Keating-Erickson, Gael MacLeod and Bryan Walton.

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Calgary Co-op Governance

Nomination Process

Each year, interested candidates can run to sit on the Board of Directors.
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Director Election Information Package & Handbook

Information on compensation and qualifying criteria for candidates.
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Code of Conduct and Core Values

All those who look to become a member of the board must also adhere to Calgary Co-op’s Code of Conduct and uphold Calgary Co-op’s core values.

Code of Conduct, Cooperatives Act, Cooperatives Regulations, Our Bylaws, Articles of Association