Member Verification

Registration and verification are important, as Calgary Co-op is working on new, more efficient ways to deliver your patronage.  Registering for an online account provides us with a secure channel to reach you directly, and is required before you can download the new member-exclusive Calgary Co-op app.

Verification protects your privacy and ensures that all current and future benefits are going to the main membership owner(s). We are asking all primary and joint Calgary Co-op members to register for an online account.

Having an existing Calgary Co-op Membership does not automatically mean you are registered for an online account. Click the button below to register.


General Information

Our new member exclusive app puts Calgary Co-op at your fingertips with more ways to save, earn, shop and win! Members will receive an instant $5 in Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash just for downloading the app.

This new member-exclusive app puts Calgary Co-op at your fingertips.

  • Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash Rewards: The app provides you with the ability to take advantage of the new member-exclusive Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash Rewards Program. Earn Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash when you purchase featured items in Food stores, Wine Spirits, Beer, Stores, Gas Station Convenience Stores, and on fuel purchases, and redeem Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash back on qualifying items in Calgary Co-op Food stores, Wine, Spirits, Beer stores, Cannabis locations and Home Health Care stores. (Redemption for fuel and Convenience Stores coming soon).  Please note to participate in this program download of the Calgary Co-op app is required.  See details in Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash FAQ section. View Terms & Conditions.
  • Games: Play weekly games for a chance to win free and deeply discounted items. See details in Games FAQ section.
  • Personalized Offers: Receive weekly personalized offers. Clip your offers, load them within the app and start shopping!  Personalized offers are redeemed instantly at checkout in store and online in Wine, Spirits, Beer stores and Food stores.
  • Flyers: Easy access to the current Food, and Wine, Spirits, Beer flyers which will also show the weekly Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash items to ensure that you can plan to get the most value for shopping at Calgary Co-op. These are not linked to online shopping (yet!).
  • Member Earnings: Keep an eye on this bubble where in early 2024, you will begin to see your patronage accumulate and the value of your equity balance.
  • Shopping List: Plan your weekly shop with this list function. You can easily create multiple shopping lists and share with your invited designated household user.  These are not linked to online shopping (yet!). Any clipped offers and game prizes will appear automatically as a great reminder to take advantage of additional savings.
  • Pharmacy: Quick access to digital pharmacy services where you can book or cancel appointments, request refills, book virtual consultations and more.
  • Newsfeed: Find inspiration and helpful information.
  • Shop Online: links to online shopping (for Food, Wine, Spirits, Beer Stores and Cannabis)
  • Receipts:  View all your Calgary Co-op receipts.
  • Stores and Opening Hours: View all our locations and hours.
  • Pay with Credit Card in the app: Convenient payment at your fingertips. (Not available at the pump or for online purchases at this time).

All these member benefits are exclusive to the new app.  Download of the Calgary Co-op App is required. Additional terms and conditions apply. View Terms & Conditions.

Calgary Co-op members, who have a verified online account at, and their invited designated household user can download the free app onto their mobile device from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Please note, business and charity accounts are not eligible to use the app or participate in the app-specific programs.

For the app to work properly, at minimum your phone must be iOS 14 or Android 7.0

Calgary Co-op has a partnership with Rogers Media/ Imagine Wireless for discounts on cell phones and phone plans, exclusive for Calgary Co-op members. Click here for more information.

Members who don’t have the app will still earn patronage on their purchases, can enjoy member exclusive pricing, and receive personalized offers through a verified account.

It’s easy to become a Calgary Co-op member. It only costs $1 for a lifetime membership, which also makes you a member-owner in one of North America’s largest retail cooperatives.

Learn more about the perks of membership at

Become A Member

Primary or Joint members will be able to invite a designated Household user, who is 18 years or older, resides at their same address and is not a Calgary Co-op member. The Calgary Co-op member can invite a designated Household user into the app by following the online invitation process. This assumes that the Calgary Co-op member has the permission of the designated Household user to share their name and email address with Calgary Co-op in order to be granted access into the member’s app environment. Once the designated Household user accepts the invitation and downloads the app, they will have full access to the member’s exclusive benefits through the new Calgary Co-op app. This allows him/ her to share shopping lists, clip and redeem exclusive offers, redeem Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash, play games and win prizes*.  Any purchases the designated user makes while using this member number and the app are eligible to earn patronage (some exclusions apply) for you, the member. This feature is limited to only one designated Household user per membership for privacy and security reasons.

*Review Terms & Conditions.

  1. The Verified Primary/ Joint member opens the app.
  2. Hit the “more” button in the bottom right and go to “your profile”
  3. Click “Manage In-app sharing”
  4. Click “Invite Designated Household User”
  5. Enter the designated user’s name and email address
  6. Agree to terms & conditions and hit send

As Primary/ Joint member, you can also:

  • Review status of an invitation
  • Rescind an invitation that has been sent and not accepted yet
  • Uninvite someone that was invited and accepted and then invite someone else (provided they meet the qualification criteria)
  • All invitations will expire after 30 days if not accepted

Please review the full Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

Yes, you can easily shop online through the new app or continue to shop using our website.

Shop Online

Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash Program

Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash Rewards program is available exclusively to members and only through the Calgary Co-op app. This program provides the opportunity to earn additional store credit on select items and promotions across Calgary Co-op Food, Wine Spirits Beer, and Convenience stores. This in-store credit is immediately available for a member to redeem on their next transaction. Members with the app also earn 2 cents/ litre in Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash on fuel purchases, which will appear in the member’s Bonus Bubble the following day. Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash can be redeemed at Calgary Co-op lines of business (some restrictions apply), and on fuel and car wash purchases made at the pump. All members will automatically receive $5 in Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash when they download the app. 

You earn Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash by purchasing featured Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash items in Food, Convenience stores and Wine Spirits Beer, in store and online and every time you fuel up your vehicle at Calgary Co-op Gas Stations. The featured Bonus Cash items change weekly and are advertised in our flyers, in store, with clearly displayed signage, on displays and identified online with the Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash icon. Purchase these items and earn a select dollar or percentage of the price paid for the item excluding tax, deposits and environmental fees in Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash. Members with the app earn 2 cents/litre in Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash on fuel purchases. These earnings will appear in your Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash bubble of the app the following day.

The more Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash items you purchase the more you earn, and that amount will accumulate in the app until it is redeemed.

Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash accumulates in your Calgary Co-op App following each transaction. You can spend it on your next transaction across any line of business (excluding Pharmacy) or let it build up and redeem whenever you choose.

You can redeem your Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash on qualifying purchases at any Food store, Wine, Spirits, Beer store, Co-op Cannabis locations, Home Health Care stores and on fuel and car wash purchases made at the pump.

You must scan your app at the checkout, or at the pump and select “Redeem Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash” within the app to redeem it towards your transaction.

To redeem Bonus Cash at the pump on fuel or car washes, you must follow the prompts on the pump screen.
You will be required to pre-authorize your payment first, and then you will be prompted to scan the QR code on the pump screen using the scanning feature located in the app. Tap the “In store” barcode icon on the bottom of your app home screen, then tap the pump screen section.
Next you will scan the QR code on the pump screen when prompted and follow the instructions on the pump screen to complete your transaction and begin fueling. If you do not have enough Bonus Cash to pay for the entire transaction, the remaining balance will come off your pre-authorized payment card. If you are filling using full service, the attendant will provide you with a QR code to scan, so you don’t have to leave your vehicle.
You must pay at the pump to redeem Bonus Cash on fuel and car washes. Bonus Cash redemption is not available inside gas stations at this time.

There is a 24 delay with in-app receipts on purchases made at Gas Station pumps. If you require an immediate receipt, please take a paper copy at the time of purchase from the pump.

At this time, you cannot redeem Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash on:

  • propane, and Convenience store purchases at Gas Stations (coming soon)
  • Prescriptions or professional pharmacy services or any other products or services that may not legally be offered in connection with the program
  • Lottery,
  • Transit tickets,
  • Calgary Co-op gift cards,
  • Third party gift cards,
  • Pre-paid cards,
  • Third party event tickets and passes (Calaway Park, Landmark Cinema, etc.)
  • Purchases made through non-participating licensed merchants located within or adjacent to participating Calgary Co-op retail locations

Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash will never expire with the exception of a Calgary Co-op account closure, or account inactivity for 24 months (any accumulated Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash balance will be reduced to zero).  You can redeem it as you earn it, or let it build for a larger purchase. This includes Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash that is earned through purchasing eligible items, and that which is awarded i.e., $5 incentive offer, customer service, etc.

No, Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash is a rewards program offered in the form of a Calgary Co-op store credit that can only be redeemed on qualifying purchases in Calgary Co-op Food stores, Wine, Spirits, Beer stores, Cannabis locations and Home Health Care stores. Online, fuel and Convenience store redemption coming soon.

Yes, you can.

You will be able to say your membership number, scan your membership card, or your digital membership card within the Calgary Co-op app each time you shop. We strongly encourage all members to scan their digital membership card within the app to ensure no mix ups with entering a wrong membership number.  This can lead to missing out on valuable Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash offers and patronage earnings.

Members without the app can still say their membership number or have their membership card scanned to continue to earn patronage.

When you want to redeem your Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash in store, you will need to scan your membership number in the app, select “Redeem Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash” in the app and scan the app to securely complete the transaction.

No, you can not earn or redeem Calgary Co-op Bonus Cash on prescriptions or professional pharmacy services and any other products or services that may not legally be offered in connection with the Program. All prescriptions must be paid for at the pharmacy. Over the Counter items can be paid for at the front of the store or at self check out.


Members will regularly be offered a new game in the app from time to time. The Play and Win bubble will signal when a new game is available. Play the game for a chance to win free items from our Food store and deeply discounted items from our Wine Spirits Beer store. Upon winning you will be required to answer a skill testing question. Your prize will appear in the “Item for You” bubble. The game prize is available to be redeemed in-store only until the stated expiry date on the reward. Be sure to collect your prize off the shelf and redeem at the checkout. Please note taxes, deposits and environmental fees are extra and not included in the value of the prize.

Game prizes are limited to one per Membership. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to play Wine, Spirits, Beer games. See full Terms & Conditions.

No, not at this time.

Customer Support

If you have any further questions, please contact us at or call 1-833-310-0095