Make sure your anti-depressant medication is working

With the right medication and support, depression does not need to rule your life—you can be in control. Many of our Co-op pharmacists are trained to help ensure you are on the right medication, and using it in the most effective way. So if something about your medication doesn’t feel right, or the side effects are bothersome, come talk to us.

Already on depression medication?

No matter how long you’ve been on the medication, you need to regularly assess whether the medication is still working for you. As time passes, things change. And new medications are being introduced all the time, which may be more effective and have fewer side effects.

A quick check in with one of our trained pharmacists for a Depression Medication Validation Assessment can determine the effectiveness of your current meds. If they are still working for you, then there is no need to change and you can stay on your current regimen.

If we find your medication is no longer working as well as it could, or has bothersome side effects, your pharmacist can present other options. We will help you find a better option while working with your physician to successfully get you started on the new medication.

Just diagnosed with depression?

Starting a new medication? That can be unnerving when you don’t know what to expect.

Whatever your doctor has prescribed (there are many different options, each with their own side effects) we will explain what you can expect on the medication and how it will impact you. We will take you through the process—many medications require two to four weeks to take effect—easing your entry into the regimen and helping you manage any side effects.

If we find your medication is not working as well as it should, or the side effects are bothersome, we will work with you and your doctor to find a solution that does work for you. We understand this can be a trying time, but it is vital to find the best solution that will help you control your condition.

Helping you get better

Drop into any pharmacy to talk to us about your anti-depressant prescription and we’ll direct you to the appropriate pharmacist.

Refilling your prescriptions just got easier. 

Call our prescribing pharmacists to refill your prescription or try our new text refill service. For added convenience take advantage of our prescription delivery* or our new curb side  pick up option.  Learn more.

*within Calgary, Airdrie, High River and Strathmore city limits.

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