Valentine’s Day

Feb 6, 2021

Ah, St. Valentine’s… the day of love. This year, show some love with a fun and family-friendly 14th of February at home. We may not be able to socialize the way we have in years past, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the day special for everyone in our homes.  

Make Valentine’s Day Treats
This February 14th, get the kids together for an afternoon of creating some tasty and fun Valentine’s Day snacks! 

valentines cookiesPastel Pink Valentine’s Sugar Cookies
Sometimes, the simplest things are the best. Sugar cookies are a traditional classic: easy to make and so cute. Mix up a dough or you can pick up refrigerated sugar cookie dough at your local Co-op to save time

Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to mould your dough into adorable little hearts. Finally, it’s time to get creative! Combine powdered sugar with water to make a basic icing and separate it into several bowls. Into each bowl, drop varying amounts of pink food colouring so you can have sugar cookies of every shade of pink. 

Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Whip up this classic Valentine’s Day treat that mom and dad will want to eat just as much as the kids will. Melt some chocolate and dip your strawberries in before arranging them on a plate and placing them in the fridge to set. Spice things up by drizzling some white chocolate over your milk chocolate-dipped strawberries and vice versa. It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without sprinkles so why not add a liberal helping of them onto your strawberries too? 

brie bakedAppy idea: Brie cheese is versatile!
If you’ll be cooking a special meal (we’ve been advocating for steak and lobster and even shared ideas as part of Co-op’s Make It Tonight recipe series), don’t forget a special appetizer. Next time you’re at Co-op pick up a small wheel of Brie cheese. This versatile and mild cheese is a favourite with almost everyone for its creamy texture, earthy rind and spreadable qualities. 

Warm it up slightly in the oven for a melty texture, then spread it with jam or roasted garlic to serve, or even wrap it in frozen puff pastry from the freezer section and bake until the crust is crisp and golden. It’s a decadent appetizer or first course. 

Another great appy or quick meal idea you’re sure to fall in love with is Co-op’s limited time only Brie and Cranberry Flatbread Pizza. With cream cheese and Brie, fresh cranberries, red onions and rosemary, it’s a colourful and tasty addition to your celebration.

Get Crafty for Valentine’s
Before tucking into your snacks, work up an appetite with these simple Valentine’s Day craft ideas. As a bonus they keep the kids busy! 

valentines craftHeart Table Runner
Make your February 14th dinner a little more special by creating a simple table runner. Use different coloured felt or cardboard paper and cut it into hearts, glue them together in a vertical line and lay the finished product down the centre of the table. Why not go a step further and get everyone to write a sweet message on the hearts?  

Cards Galore: Special Delivery! 
Valentine’s Day cards are the ultimate expression of love and during these troubled times, we could all do with a little TLC! Get everyone in your family together to make their own cards. Try cut-out designs or have a laugh thinking up cute jokes and puns to write inside and make sure to get some envelopes so you can leave them outside each other’s bedroom door on Valentine’s Day morning! Of course if you are short on time or creative juices, Calgary Co-op carries a vast array of greeting cards for all occasions.

roses chocolateDon’t Forget the Flowers!
Flowers are the universal way we show we care, and they’re even more popular around Valentine’s Day. Whether you want to brighten someone’s day with yellow roses—the symbol of friendship—or you want to show your love with red roses, pink carnations or a beautiful mixed bouquet, arriving with a bunch of fresh flowers is a guaranteed way to make someone smile. 

Here's wishing love is in the air at your home this February 14th and with these simple and creative Valentine’s Day ideas, crafts and snacks, you can be sure to have a memorable day with the whole family.



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