The Path to a Healthy Weight Begins at your Co-op Pharmacy

January 9, 2018

Dieting is not the way to manage your weight. For very good reason. Short term dieting puts you into a battle with your body, a battle your body has evolved over millions of years to win. 

Here’s what happens. You cut calories. Your body reacts by dropping your metabolic rate to conserve energy, which means you burn fewer calories, which means you have to cut even more calories. Your brain, which is really quite smart and likes you a lot, thinks you are starving. So it acts to protect you, ordering your fat cells to store all the calories they can—exactly what you were trying to avoid. Your body isn’t happy, you’re hangry—nobody wins. 

Is there a way to achieve your healthy weight and stay there? Absolutely.

Don’t fight your body! Work in harmony with your body, and one of the pharmacists from your Co-op pharmacy. They are trained experts in the role nutrition plays in a healthy lifestyle, and they will work with you to develop a plan to achieve your goals.

Co-op pharmacists will be holding Healthy You Clinics at various locations to help people get started on the path to a happy and healthy weight.  If weight loss isn’t your goal you can still meet with one of our pharmacists to improve your nutrition: 

January 15 & 16: Crowfoot from 9am to 5pm
January 17 & 18: Beddington from 9:15am to 5:15pm
January 19: Crowfoot from 9am to 5pm
January 22: Shawnessy from 9am to 5pm
January 23: Forest Lawn from 9am to 5pm
January 24 Monterey from 9am to 5pm
January 25: Brentwood from 9am to 5pm
January 26: Dalhousie from 9am to 5pm
January 29 - February 2: Richmond Road from 9am to 5pm

Request an appointment or drop in for a free body composition analysis (identifies your basal metabolic rate, lean mass and percentage body fat). The results will be used as part of a weight management plan designed to help you reach your goals or to help improve overall nutrition.

healthy foodYou don’t stop eating, you start eating differently.

For example, the right kinds of foods—healthy sources of dietary fat—that your body welcomes, like olive oil, nuts, real dark chocolate, full-fat dairy products and avocados. And fruit, fish, meat, beans and other whole foods as well. We’ll help you controlrefined carbs, like bread, cookies and chips, and starchy vegetables like potatoes. You don’t need to make dramatic change as even small adjustments can have an impact.

Your Individual Healthy Weight Journey 

The key to success is a custom designed plan, built with you, around your unique needs. With one of our pharmacists to guide you, you can get on the right path to your healthy weight without starving. Here is how your journey begins:

  1. Meet With One of Our Pharmacists
    It could be at one of the clinics, or any other time that’s convenient for you. We will explore your current eating habits to identify opportunities to shift to healthy yet satisfying options that your body and brain will eagerly welcome. We’ll identify your unique patterns and triggers that complicate weight management. We’ll also help with advice on portion size and deciphering food labels to identify hidden traps.

  2. Create a Healthy Weight Plan Together
    Together with your pharmacist, you will develop an individual weight management plan that fits your goals and lifestyle. Because it is built around you—and the science of nutrition—it will be an effective path to your goals. A plan that includes delicious options to manage weight without leaving you hungry, and recommendations about regular exercise for an active lifestyle.

  3. Regular Coaching
    Your pharmacist is with you all the way for regular meetings (either in person or over the phone) to review success and update your program.  

Team up with your Co-op pharmacy to reach your healthy weight.

Your journey can begin anytime. Drop into one of the clinics, or visit your nearest Co-op pharmacy to talk to one of our pharmacists.

Click here for Pharmacy locations.



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