January 16, 2020

TaraBoschThere are times we all need a sugar fix. But when happens when your craving for sugar turns unhealthy?

That's exactly what happened to Tara Bosch.

"My love affair with candy turned into an unhealthy relationship with food," recalls Bosch. "I experienced the negative effects sugar has on our health, and as I tried to eat less sugar that only led me to crave candy even more." 

It was during a conversation with her grandmother about her candy cravings that Bosch had an ah-ha moment. Wasn't there a way she could have her candy and eat it too, so to speak? 

Bosch started making her own gummy bears in her kitchen at home with healthier ingredients and much less sugar, using moulds she’d bought off the internet. She spent months making literally hundreds of batches, trying to get a recipe just right. 

“After a few months of sixteen hour days recipe testing, researching, and googling, I got it to the point of having a “MVP” or minimum viable product. I had the texture, flavour and mouthfeel where I was happy with it. I knew at the next stage that I would have to find a manufacturing partner.”

smartsweets3That’s when SmartSweets was born. SmartSweets is a Canadian candy company on a mission to help people kick sugar and keep candy, but candy that’s made without the overuse of sugar and artificial ingredients. 

“Our pinky promise is to create candy, free from sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners and added sugars,” Bosch declares. SmartSweets’ website says their candy is made with soluble plant-based fibres, fruit and vegetable juices such as pumpkin, carrot, and spirulina from natural algae. SmartSweets does not use GMO ingredients and there’s no sugar alcohols in the recipes.

SmartSweets candies look just like most other candies you’d find in stores, the bulk bin, or in those candy caddies at the corner store. 

smartsweet candiesFrom Gummy Bears, to Berry Sweet Fish that will have you comparing them to Swedish Fish candies, to Peach Rings and the tangy-sweet Sour Blast Buddies, it’s the candy you’ll remember from your youth—but without all the sugar. 

“From day one, my vision has been to create mass accessibility to kick sugar candy so as many people as possible people can be empowered to enjoy healthier choices.” 

Vancouver-based SmartSweets has big plans for the next 12 months—and beyond. 

“Looking ahead to 2020, we will continue to disrupt the candy aisle by offering radically better alternatives to traditional candy,” shares Bosch. “In doing so, we will continue to relentlessly research, test and choose cutting edge non-artificial ingredients to create delicious candy you know and love while kicking as many grams of sugar per bag as possible.”  

Find SmartSweets Candy at your local Calgary Co-op store.



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