Ring in the New Year with a Crowd

December 27, 2019

Possibly the best part of a new year is the party that comes with it. From small parties with a few friends to huge gatherings to watch the ball drop in Times Square or to see the fireworks go off in Toronto at midnight, there are endless ways to throw a fantastic New Year’s dinner party. Whether you’re into fancy or simple, everyone is guaranteed to have a good time if you plan some delicious treats and party favors. 

Craft a Welcome Cocktail for Your Crowd
Of course, you need some bubbly to celebrate a new year and new beginnings. We love the idea of welcoming guests with a glass of Champagne, prosecco or sparkling wine. Why wait until midnight? We recommend you pick up a couple bottles of Lanson Black Label Champagne or Mumm Carte Classique and pop those corks!

A nice berry sparkler is also a fun cocktail opener. Mix 1 ounce of berry-flavored vodka, 1 ½ ounces of pomegranate juice, and 3 ½ ounces of sparkling wine and serve it in a flute with a skewer that has raspberries on it. Pour these one at a time beforehand, or you can let your guests make their own—just leave a card with the instructions on your bar, alongside the glassware and measuring tools. 

christmas punchPunch is an Easy Cocktail that Serves a Large Group
Making up a batch of punch ensures you don’t need to play bartender. A nice lemon champagne punch is sure to be a hit. 

Get three lemons, ½ cup of sugar, a bottle of sparkling wine like one of the ones above, and ¾ cup of chilled vodka. Use a peeler to take the zest off each lemon in a spiral motion, juice the lemons, and get rid of the pulp, which should leave you with about ¾ cup of lemon juice. Use a saucepan on medium heat to warm up the sugar plus ½ cup of water until the sugar is dissolved. Take the heat off, add the zest to the pan and let cool, which may take around two hours. This will make a nice syrup, which you can then mix together in a punch bowl with everything else and serve. It seems like a lot of work, but it’s much simpler than it sounds and the punch tastes great.  

Everyone loves sangria, too. A super easy recipe is 1 bottle of chilled red wine, two cups of Sprite, and sliced fruit of your choice. 

cheese boardConsider Crowd-friendly Appetizers & Finger Foods
When guests are arriving, it’s nice to have some food set out to welcome them. Sausage rolls or ‘pigs in a blanket’ are always a tasty choice and they are very easy to make yourself (or pick up a box of frozen ones at the Co-op freezer section). If you want to try them, making sausage rolls at home is as simple as getting some small sausages and wrapping them in strips of dough. You can use crescent roll dough or frozen puff pastry, then bake till golden.

Serving a shrimp cocktail is also a festive crowd pleaser. You can make a quick shrimp cocktail by thawing a frozen shrimp ring. Just fill small bowls or even glasses with shredded lettuce and add a small scoop of cocktail sauce, then hang the shrimp off the edge of the glass or arrange them in the bowl.

Charcuterie boards are always a hit and they are very customizable, meaning you can load them with all kinds of delicious crackers and breads, meats, cheeses, fruits, and more. You can buy more of less depending on the size of your group.

Visit the Calgary Co-op deli department to see the vast array of cheeses and meats that can be artfully laid out on a plate for guests to nibble at. And of course, if you’d rather save time prepping for your New Year’s party crowd, ask in the deli department about having us create a meat and cheese platter for you.

tomahawk steakChoose a Fancy New Year’s Eve Main Course 
If you’re planning a sit-down meal why not make it non-traditional? Serving braised duck is always a conversation starter. You can also choose seafood like lobster claws. Steaks are easy to grill with some nice seasoning, and we love the show stopping effect of an Only Alberta Beef Members’ Reserve Tomahawk Steak. Ask for these fancy favourites at the Co-op meat department.

A special New Year’s Eve party wouldn’t be complete without some awesome supplies. Pick up some party hats and glasses, noisemakers, tiaras, poppers, and confetti, plus New Year’s tableware. You can also make a stop by the floral department at Co-op for some fresh flowers for the table, or even a few balloons.

However, you choose to celebrate the new year, we’ve got you covered. Stop in to Calgary Co-op for festive meal supplies and ideas today.



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