Plan a Canada Day BBQ

Jun 28, 2018

A long weekend is always a great excuse to get outdoors and spoil yourself and your family. This Canada Day, why not plan a red and white themed outdoor BBQ and make the most of the holiday?

Choose Fun Decor for a Canada Day Table
Co-op's floral department can help create fresh tablescapes with beautiful blooms. Stop in to see what's there, as fresh flowers arrive daily. Naturally red roses and white carnations would make a nice addition to your holiday table, or choose peonies, orchids or other favourite florals.

The dollar store can also be an inexpensive place to source out themed decorations, or colour-appropriate accessories. From Canada flags, to red tablecloths, striped napkins and even plastic Solo cups with added maple leaf stickers, it doesn't take much to add a little colourful fun to your BBQ party.

bocconciniSet the Scene: Make Red & White, or Regional Appies
You want guests to have something to nibble on as people arrive, but you don't want to spend all your time in the kitchen. Prepare some bite-sized appetizers in advance and set them out when the doorbell rings.

Some quick, easy and tasty options include grape tomatoes and mini bocconcini slices threaded onto toothpicks (add a small dish of balsamic reduction or syrup to dip them in). Another easy red and white bite? Pick up a jar of sweet-tangy Peppadew peppers, and pipe in some goat cheese, Boursin or cream cheese mixed with a dollop of mayonnaise. Don't want the appies to be so colour-obvious? Think about choosing foods from the various regions of Canada instead; mini lobster rolls from the east, bite-sized poutine cups, steak bites, or smoked salmon and crackers from the west coast.

canada burgerBBQ with Only Alberta Beef
A gourmet burger bar is the ideal fuss-free meal plan for a family BBQ.

Set out the toppings, buns, condiments and interesting add-ons, then all you'll need to worry about is grilling. Stop by Co-op's meat department where you'll now find Only Alberta Beef.

Co-op's beef is sourced from suppliers right here at home, and since we have some of the highest quality beef in the world, you're guaranteed to be getting the best for your burger bar.

Pick up some packages of ground beef, or choose pre-made burgers. Then prepare an array of toppings, from the basics, to the gourmet:

• lettuce
• sliced tomato
• dill pickles
• thinly sliced sweet onion
• a variety of cheeses: cheddar, Swiss, gouda, blue cheese, brie
• relishes and chutneys
• mustards: regular yellow, Dijon, grainy
• sliced jalapeño
• candied bacon strips
• grilled pineapple
• tangy coleslaw

With a burger bar, guests can help themselves and build their meal to their own tastes. By serving an array of fresh salads, either home made or chosen from Co-op's deli department, you've kept work to a minimum, and cleanup will be easy.

rhubarb tartDish Up a Dessert Bar
To round out your holiday BBQ meal there's so many sweet choices. Bake up a fresh baked fruit or berry pie that will make the most of summer's bounty of seasonal fruit. Or give a nod to Canada again by making (or purchasing) Naniamo bars, mini maple flans or a Raspberry Rhubarb Tart.

Co-op's bakery experts can help you out with more time saving ideas, like colourful or themed custom cakes or trays  of baked goods.

With just a few special touches and some planning, you can create a memorable Canada Day BBQ weekend celebration.



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