"Nut"urally the best!

February 5, 2019

Peanut butter and jam – the famous PB and J – has been a lunchtime staple for generations. But new combinations and variations can make the perfect companion for your sandwich a tough nut to crack.

Made in Burnaby, B.C., by Jiva Organics, CO-OP GOLD PURE® Natural Peanut Butters and Organic Nut Butters provide a delicious range from old favourites like crunchy peanut butter and cashew butter to new recipes like coconut peanut butter.

"We've come up with some really unique infused nut butters in our facility," said Rattan Bagga, Jiva Organics CEO. He recommends spreading fan favourite crunchy roasted almond butter on a sandwich with honey for a sweet, rich flavour.

"People love it because it almost tastes like chocolate," he explained.

"Nut"urally the best

Manufacturing the butters is a straightforward process that uses simple, organic ingredients.

"One of the things that we take pride in is that none of our products have any preservatives or any kinds of food colouring which is not natural," explained Bagga.

To make the butters, whole peanuts, almonds and cashews are roasted and ground in Jiva Organics' manufacturing facility. The butters are made without palm oil, which can help prevent oil separation but provides no nutritional or flavour benefits. Because of this, natural oils are likely to separate, which can be avoided by storing your jar upside down.

NutButter 2

All in the family

Jiva Organics was started by Bagga’s father, Jawahar, and two uncles, Kulwant and Rajinder Bagga, in 1998 to manufacture and distribute organic, kosher and vegetarian foods. With the company’s name referencing the Hindi word for life, they set out to make natural, organic foods available and affordable for consumers.

As the family has been vegetarian for several generations, the company reflects their family’s values and does not work with any animal products.

"Whatever we eat at home is pretty much exactly the same stuff that we sell, so our pantry is filled with our own products," said the younger Bagga.

While the three brothers are still involved in the company, it was only a matter of time before Rattan and his sister, Tulsi, became involved in the business.

"You start by just coming to work to help your father," he remembered. "Next morning you wake up and you're doing a lot more than just helping out! Things change quite quickly."

Butter business

Jiva Organics' partnership with Co-op is flourishing with the mutual goal of connecting Canadians with locally-made products. Bagga noted that the importance of supporting Canadian companies is how it can strengthen local economies. It's an important part of what he sees as his company's success.

"Success is helping people live a better life through our products, make better food decisions and spend their money where it not only benefits their health, but also benefits the country they're living in," said Bagga.

Keep an eye open for Co-op Gold Pure nut butters, now spreading across Western Canada.



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