Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

May 4, 2020

If you need to buy your mom a gift for Mother’s Day but most of the nice shops and cool stores are closed, take heart: you can probably find some thoughtful mom-approved gifts right at your local Co-op store.

It might not be top of mind, but hear us out! Co-op not only carries a slew of items that make great gifts, but you can also package up some nice gift baskets, or even order specialty trays of food too, all to ensure your mother can still celebrate in style, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

mothers day flowersMother’s Day Gift Ideas: Say it with Flowers from Co-op
Of course, you can start with flowers. Each Co-op store has an abundance of floral options, and you’ll find a bigger selection around Mother’s Day too.  Choose a pre-made flower arrangement and have it wrapped.

Another pro tip is to purchase several bunches of the same type and same colour of flowers, like carnations, and then pick up a vase too. When you get home, cut and place the flowers into the vase for an easy designer look. Then you can leave it at Mom’s door with a special note or card.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Create a Decadent Charcuterie
The main reason you go to the grocery store is for food, so why not give mom the gift of specialty selected food by making her a fancy charcuterie board? With so many options for meats and cheeses available in the deli, there’s no doubt you can create an assortment that your mom will enjoy. 

Pick up fresh sliced or packaged deli meats, cute tiny sausages, sliced cheeses, some olives, and even baby pickles or tangy accoutrements like pepperoncini peppers. Add some crackers and fresh baked bread from the bakery. All these items can be arranged beautifully on a platter, or you can deliver them still packaged and in a gift bag so mom can assemble it at home.  

Don’t forget a bottle of your mom’s favourite fine wine (or a nice bubbly!) too.   

steak lobsterMother’s Day Gift Ideas: Meal in a Box 
If you’d normally make mom a special meal, you still can—kind of—even if you can’t be together. 

Choose a meal and print off the recipe (don’t forget to look for Co-op’s Make It Tonight options in-store, where everything is ready for you to pick up). Then shop for all the ingredients, and deliver everything in a cooler to her door. 

Choose a special seafood meal with lobster claws, or make it surf and turf by adding a steak. Don’t forget the side dishes like veggies and potatoes too.  

You also can’t go wrong with a fancy pasta feast; pick up the noodles, a sauce, Parmesan and other cheeses, and any other ingredients. Don’t forget a loaf of fresh Italian bread!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Breakfast Box
You might not be able to be there for a big family brunch, but you can ensure mom has what she needs to whip up a special breakfast on Mother’s Day.

Whether your mom prefers French toast, or eggs Florentine, you can assemble breakfast supplies for her. 

pastryIf you’d rather she didn’t have to cook, Co-op’s bakery department can assemble a pastry tray or bagel platter that mom can nibble at through the week, or even freeze. Just give your local store a call to ask.

Don’t forget a jug of orange juice and a bottle of sparkling wine for Mother’s day mimosas! 

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Local Sweets and Treats
If your mom lives far away, and travel is still out of the question, sending sweets and chocolates is a nice, portable gift idea, and there’s selection abound at Co-op.

You can find a traditional box of chocolates and pop that in the mail, or consider creating a specialty basket or box of local Calgary-made sweets and treats. Look for Sweetsmith Candy Brittles and Coco Karamel Alfajores. Add in salty treats too if that’s mom’s preference, like Spokes Potato snacks. 

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Refresh Those Spices
If your mom loves to cook, this is a great idea: most of the spices in our kitchen cupboards are stale. We tend to keep spices for years, but over time, they lose their flavour and aromas. Pick up all kinds of fresh new spices in bags, or replace all moms’ old jars with new matching ones. Bundle them up with some fancy olive oil or a specialty vinegar for a unique gift she wouldn’t think of—but one that will be much appreciated by the gourmet mom!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Bakers Box 
If your mom is an unstoppable baker, re-stocking the fridge or pantry with basic essentials such as milk, eggs, sugar, flours, baking powder, baking soda and fun things like chocolate chips, baking chocolate and sprinkles will ensure she has what she needs to keep the oven full until things get back to normal.

home spaMother’s Day Gift Ideas: Create a Home Spa
Co-op carries a wide variety of essentials to create a beautiful at-home spa experience.

You can put together a beautiful wellness or relaxation basket using high quality soaps, bath bombs, essential oils, bubble baths, and so on. Don’t forget a loofah and sponges! 

Or look for an array of essential oils, diffusers, and salt lamps in your local Co-op: this is also a great gift you can mail if mom is far away.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: If All Else Fails, Grab a Gift Card
Gift cards are never a bad idea. You can easily find gift cards to restaurants, retail, and department stores, and they’ll be ready to use once things return to normal. Gift cards are an excellent gift because your mom will be able to get whatever she wants with them.  

In the end, many moms just want to spend time with their families. If you can’t be there in person, arrange a FaceTime or Zoom video call, or dinner. Each end of the call can make their own meal and share the time and conversation together. You can always play some board games via Zoom, watch your favourite movies together, or just sit and talk. 

Visit your local Calgary Co-op for more pandemic-proof gift ideas for Mother’s Day. 



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