Make It Tonight: Spolumbo's Chicken Sausages

April 27, 2021

Sometimes you just don’t want to deal with all the steps necessary to make a full, healthy dinner. For us, the perfect recipe is a delicate balance between creating a tasty meal and requiring as little active cook time and clean up as possible. That’s why we love sheet pan recipes. Sheet pan meals are perfect for those moments you want to be an efficient (or lazy) cook. Producing tasty meals with minimal cleanup required, sheet pan recipes are our weeknight hero.

This week we are making recipes with Spolumbos chicken sausage, and sliced or diced sausage makes an ideal sheet pan meal. Check out our Sheet Pan Chicken Sausage & Thighs for a well-rounded and easy supper, and read on for alternative ideas.

What is sheet pan cooking?

Sheet pan cooking is a cooking method and preparation that involves cooking a variety of ingredients at the same temperature all together in a flat, edged sheet pan. Think a one-pot meal but tossed in a shallow baking pan. Perfect for cooking side dishes along with the main protein or vegetable, sheet pan meals make it easy to produce a flavorful cohesive dish.

 Best ideas for sheet pan cooking

Sheet pan recipes are a terrific way to create healthy meals with minimal cooking time. Traditional sheet pan meals typically involve a protein, like chicken, Spolumbos chicken sausage, or salmon, with vegetables like potatoes, carrots, brussels sprouts, tomatoes, or squash. These meals are flexible though, and a perfect excuse to use vegetables and proteins that are sitting in your fridge.

Root vegetables are always a good option, as well as fruit. Simply toss everything in oil and season with salt and pepper, or create a sauce or glaze to coat your ingredients. You will want to incorporate an oil or fat source into all sheet pan meals as this will keep items from burning and help produce that lovely (and flavorful!) browning.

 Sheet pan meals are not limited to traditional meat and vegetable recipes either, you can have fun with it by making things like pizza, fajitas and even desserts. Just avoid things like leafy greens, which can easily burn, or very large chunks of protein as they can cook more slowly than their accompanying vegetables. You will also want to be mindful of the size in which your ingredients are cut: with sheet pan meals you want something small enough to cook in your desired time frame, but not so small they burn. You may also want to give things a stir, or rotate your pan, during cooking to make sure things are evenly cooked.

As with any meal, use a thermometer to ensure all meats are brought to the proper internal temperature to confirm safe consumption. If you want to take some of the guesswork out of timing the different ingredients, use different sheet pans for your proteins and vegetables.

Clean-up king

Perhaps one of the most attractive aspects of sheet pan recipes is the limited amount of clean up required. Most recipes require a minimal amount of cooking to prepare the ingredients, like searing a protein or preparing a sauce, which means less dishes to wash post-meal. Clean up gets even easier though with sheet pan meals because you can also cut your dish washing time by lining your sheet pan. You may do this with foil, wrapping the edges of the pan to help catch any liquids or parchment paper.  Liners are a great way to reduce clean up time as they can quickly be removed from the pan, leaving you with a mostly clean pan that requires only a light soap and rinse.

We’ve also got some recipe alternatives like Spolumbos Chicken Sausage Subs with Peppers & Onions, and Chicken Sausage, Spinach & Sun-dried Tomato Pizza. These recipes give you fast, family-friendly and feast-worthy options for dinner.

Chicken Sausage Subs with Peppers & Onions


Wk26 Chicken Sausage Subs with Peppers blog24 Spolumbo’s chicken apple or chicken red pepper sausages

1 small onion, halved and thinly sliced

1 red bell pepper, seeded, halved and thinly sliced

extra virgin olive or canola oil, for cooking

4 hot dog or sub buns

grated Mozzarella, Gouda or Monterey Jack cheese


1. In a large skillet, cook the sausages in a drizzle of oil, covering if needed, until cooked through.

2. Transfer to a plate and add a thinly sliced onion and seeded red bell pepper to the pan along with another drizzle of oil.

3. Cook, stirring to loosen any browned bits on the bottom of the pan, until the veggies are soft and golden.

4. Stuff split hoagie or hot dog buns with the sausages, top with the peppers and onions and scatter some grated mozzarella, Gouda or Monterey Jack cheese on top.

5. Place on a baking sheet and run under the broiler for a minute or two, until the cheese melts

Three Make It Tonight recipes for Bone-In Chicken Thighs

Fast MIT

Chicken Sausage Subs with Peppers & Onions

Fancy MIT

Chicken Sausage, Spinach & Sun-dried Tomato Pizza

Family MIT

Sheet Pan Chicken Sausage & Thighs



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