Make It Tonight: Lobster Claws

December 24, 2019

You could say lobster’s had a re-branding. Lobster was once so abundant in seaside towns, they used to wash up on the beaches in piles. That led to them getting a bad rap in the 1800’s as a ‘garbage’ food.

Flash forward a hundred years or so and lobster is about as fancy as it gets. You can thank high end steakhouses and luxe restaurants for that: with such an abundance of protein, restaurants decided to take this pauper’s crustacean and elevate it by often pairing it with steak or fine cuts of meat. That’s how lobster got its expensive and ritzy reputation. 

When you’re cooking with lobster you want to make the most of every mouthful; dig into every tiny leg and crevasse. Or, skip all that work and opt for pre-cooked lobster claws at Co-op. The sweet, delicate lobster meat is ready for you to use.  

Whether you’re going to dip it in drawn lemon butter and eat it as-is, create the ultimate surf n’ turf with tender strip loins, or if you want to stir it into a light and creamy pasta sauce, lobster is a true seafood treat. Our recipe for Lobster Claws and Shrimp on Linguini Pasta is a great family supper that could be prepared just as easily on a Tuesday night as it cold be whipped up for a special celebration. Add crab meat too for a special seafood trifecta!

Lobster Claws and Shrimp on Linguini Pasta 

Wk53 lobster blogIngredients:
4 pre-cooked lobster claws, room temperature
20 shrimp
2 cups Kim Crawford Pinot Gris White Wine 
3 cloves garlic, chopped
3 Tbsp. butter
3 cups whipping cream
16 cups water
2 Tbsp. salt
340 g Linguini pasta
2 Tbsp. chives, sliced
2 Tbsp. Italian parsley, sliced
½ cup reserved pasta water

Peel shrimp and place shells into a wide mouth pan with 1 tbsp butter and roast in oven until bright pink and starting to develop roasted colour, about 10 minutes.

Move shell pan to stove top. Deglaze shell pan with white wine over low heat and scrape pan with a wooden spoon. Reduce white wine to about 2 tbsp and then add cream. Simmer on low for about 10 minutes to infuse prawn flavour into cream and to thicken slightly. 

Bring 16 cups of water to a boil, then add 2 tbsp of salt. Follow directions on package to cook pasta al dente. Reserve ½ cup of pasta water and then strain noodles.

Heat 2 tbsp of butter in pasta pot until foaming. Add the shrimp and cook to medium rare, about 30 seconds per side. Remove shrimp, add the garlic to butter and sauté until garlic starts to colour.

Add the reserved pasta water to stop the cooking of the garlic. Reduce to 2 tbsp and then strain over the prawn cream. 

Reduce cream sauce until it starts to coat the back of a spoon, about 3 minutes. Add lobster, shrimp, pasta, herbs and Parmesan. Cook for about 2 minutes until prawn sauce starts to stick to the Linguini.

Season to taste with salt. Twist pasta up, place in a wide mouth bowl, and place shrimp and lobster on top of Linguini.

Three Make It Tonight recipes for Lobster Claws

Fast MIT

Herb Crusted Strip Loin with Baked Lobster Claws

Fancy MIT

Butter Poached Lobster Claws with Tomahawk Steak

Family MIT

Lobster Claws and Shrimp on Linguini Pasta



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