Make It Tonight: Founders & Farmers Fully Cooked Ribs

Aug 31, 2021

There’s no question that the king of the summer grill is pork back ribs. Succulent, tender, falling off the bone, smothered in barbecue sauce, they’re simply the best.

But what happens next? You need a backup plan for those occasions when you have leftover rib meat, or perhaps the cuttings and portions that aren’t up to your standards for serving guests. That rib meat will still be delicious and can taste great in other recipes. So grab those bones and Make It Tonight: enjoy some great ideas for serving leftover rib meat in new, exciting ways.

Rib Fried Rice
Fried Rice is a brilliant way to use leftovers, and rib meat will fit in perfectly with some umami flavours like soy, oyster sauce, or teriyaki. Cut the meat up into small strips or chunks, add some vegetables, and you’re good to go. Rib meat is somewhat fattier than the beef you’d typically use in a stir-fry or fried rice, and that fat will become flavour in the pan.

Rib Meat Quesadilla 
A change-up from chicken or ground beef, shredded rib meat will add flavour and pizazz to your quesadilla. Depending on the sauce used when you made the ribs, it could lend itself to popular Mexican-style spices like chipotle and chili powder. Add some jalapeños for a little extra kick. 

mit rib quesadilla week44Rib Quesadilla

1 pack Founders & Farmers Fully Cooked Mesquite BBQ Ribs (chopped)
4 medium flour tortillas  
1 cup Founders & Farmers Shredded Tex Mex Cheese
1 tbsp Founders & Farmers Olive Oil
½ medium onion sliced 
½ green pepper sliced
½ can refried beans
4 tbsp softened Cal & Gary’s butter

How To Make It:
In a small saucepan reheat your beans over medium heat.

In a sauté pan over medium high heat cook onions and peppers until soft, approximately 5 minutes. Add in your chopped rib meat. Sauté for another five minutes. 

Lay your four tortillas side by side and smear 1-2 tbsp of refried beans on half of the tortillas. Split the rib meat evenly over the refried beans. Then add a layer of cheese on top of each tortilla.

Heat a large sauté pan over medium heat. Fold the other half of the tortilla over on itself. Smear with ½ tbsp of butter. When the pan has heated up add the folded quesadilla butter side down. While the quesadilla is cooking butter the other side with ½ tbsp butter. 

Pulled Rib Meat Sandwich 
An excellent solution for the odds and ends of your rib rack is to shred it up and use it in a pulled pork sandwich. Throw a bit of extra barbecue sauce and maybe a touch of vinegar, pile it up on a bun or roll, and you have some fantastic sandwiches. Add some mac and cheese on the side, and you’ll be all set for that late Sunday lunch. 

Rib Meat Salad 
In the same way that leftover steak can be the hit of a simple salad, rib meat can bring some heartiness to your dish. Consider adding a bit of feta or other cheese and a dressing that’s on the vinegar-forward side. If you want the meat to stand out, use fewer ingredients that you might typically add to a salad. 

Pasta Ribonara 
Your leftover rib meat will be excellent in a pasta dish. Look for fattier portions to mix in with a carbonara to replace the bacon. You can also chop the meat up finely and simmer with tomato sauce to make a bolognese sauce. 

Hearty Rib Meat Meals 
Rib meat will make a great replacement for stews or a shepherd’s pie. Since you’ve already cooked up the meat, adjust the total cooking time, or add the rib meat in a bit later than usual. The smoky flavour from the grill will add to the flavour profile of your dish. 

However you choose to prepare it, leftover rib meat will add a great texture and change up the taste profile of your dish.

Try a few of Co-op’s ideas for ribs and rib leftovers and Make It Tonight!

Three Make It Tonight recipes for Founders & Farmers Fully Cooked Ribs

Fast MIT

Rib Fried Rice

Fancy MIT

Rib Quesadilla

Family MIT

Riblet Sandwich



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