Make It Tonight: Chicken Breasts

December 8, 2020

Bone-in chicken breasts are sometimes overlooked by home cooks. Many people immediately opt for the boneless, skinless chicken breasts in the package, thinking they’re just easier, but did you know that bone-in chicken breasts are actually very tasty and there are plenty of ways to cook them? Plus, using bone-in chicken breasts can add more flavour and also lessens the chances of the chicken getting dried out since the bone is there to protect the meat.

In truth, bone-in chicken breasts are just as customizable as boneless chicken breasts in that you can use whatever seasonings you want on them, whether that’s basic salt and pepper, a homemade mix of spices, or one of the great spice rubs in the spice aisle at your local Calgary Co-op store. You can easily roast them by dusting your seasoning of choice onto the chicken and roasting it at 350 degrees in your oven. Bone-in chicken breasts can also be cooked in slow cookers, making them a perfect protein choice for busy households.

This week, Calgary Co-op has partnered with local company Worthy Jam to share some recipes using Worthy Jam’s tasty preserves as a key ingredient.

Worthy Jams' unique and delicious flavour combinations are available at Calgary Co-op stores and include Worthy Jam Chocolate Blueberry jam, Strawberry Cardamom, Earl Grey Lavender-Peach and Vanilla Rhubarb jams. Look for them in the deli department, and alongside fine jams and preserves on store shelves.

Worthy Jam started out small, selling to farmer’s markets but to this day it maintains its small batch, artisanal preparations, though now it’s manufactured in a commercial kitchen. Their full story was covered on the Co-op blog a while back —it’s an inspiring read.

Whether you need something fast, something for the family or to prepare a feast that keeps in the freezer, we’ve got some ideas. This week try Baked Worthy Rhubarb Glazed Chicken Breast for a tangy mid-summer taste-twist on dinner. If you need something delicious with minimal effort, Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken with Worthy Rhubarb Ketchup is a surefire hit. And for a recipe sure to please the kids, it’s breakfast for dinner with Crispy Baked Chicken and Waffles with Worthy Vanilla Rhubarb Butter.

Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken with Worthy Rhubarb Ketchup


Wk 6 Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken blog4 chicken breasts bone-in, skin-on
½ cup chicken stock
½ cup Worthy Vanilla Rhubarb Jam
2Tbsp. vinegar
1 Tbsp. tomato paste
½ tsp. minced garlic
½ tsp. cumin
½ tsp. chili flakes
1 tsp. salt
¼ tsp. pepper
A few dashes liquid smoke (optional)
4 kaiser buns
4 slices sharp cheddar cheese

Rhubarb ketchup recipe:
½ cup Worthy Vanilla Rhubarb jam
1 Tbsp. tomato paste
¼ tsp. cumin
2 Tbsp. vinegar
Pinch of salt and pepper


1. Remove skin from chicken. Place chicken breast in slow cooker.
2. Pour chicken stock into slow cooker.
3. In a small bowl, combine Worthy Vanilla Rhubarb jam, vinegar, tomato paste, garlic, and all spices.
4. Pour glaze all over the chicken.
5. Cover the chicken in the crock pot and cook on low heat for 6 hours or until temperature reaches 165°F.
6. While the chicken is cooking prepare the ketchup recipe by combining all the ingredients in a small bowl. Cover and put aside.
7. When the chicken is done remove chicken from the crock pot and allow to cool until you can shred the chicken, while taking care to remove all the bones.
8. Serve the pulled chicken on a fresh kaiser bun topped with Worthy Vanilla Rhubarb ketchup, and a slice of sharp cheddar cheese.
Goes well with a green leaf salad.

Three Make It Tonight recipes for Chicken Breasts

Fast MIT

Baked Worthy Rhubarb Glazed Chicken Breast

Fancy MIT

Crispy Baked Chicken and Waffles with Worthy Vanilla Rhubarb Butter

Family MIT

Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken with Worthy Rhubarb Ketchup



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