Make It Tonight: Bacon

November 25, 2020

Bacon is truly one of the most popular foods. Many people think of bacon on Saturday mornings: a few slices and a couple of eggs sizzling in the pan is one of the most tempting scents in the world! Others associate bacon with an unhealthy diet, fat and sodium, but it’s important to remember: everything in moderation.

In actual fact, bacon has some surprising health benefits that most people are completely unaware of. It’s important, however, to make sure you choose high-quality bacon like Harvest Sliced Bacon. And for those who’d rather choose a slightly leaner option, turkey bacon is a tasty and healthy alternative, so watch for Lilydale Daystarter Turkey Bacon. They can work interchangeably in breakfasts or recipes.

Did you know, bacon has high levels of Omega-3, a fatty acid also found in fish that can help lower your cholesterol and improve your overall heart health? It’s also high in healthy fats and protein, meaning bacon can help keep you full for longer as it also contains virtually zero carbohydrates. This makes it perfect for anyone on a ketogenic diet. Good-quality (nitrate-free) bacon is packed with antioxidants, iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc. It’s also high in vitamin B6 and B12, which keep your body working by helping it to absorb protein and keeping blood cells functioning.

Let’s zoom in on one of bacon’s other plusses: its amazing versatility. Wrapping a piece of meat or fish in bacon before roasting is a fantastic way to keep it moist while in the oven, as well as infusing it with a delicious taste. Bacon makes an excellent low carb ‘crust’: line a muffin tray with strips of bacon before cracking sccrambled eggs into each nook and bake in the oven for 15 minutes and you’ve got yourself a delicious and keto-friendly breakfast. If you haven’t tried candied bacon, prepare to have your mind blown. Simply bake some slices in the oven with a generous sprinkle of brown sugar, sriracha or maple syrup and you have yourself a to-die-for treat. Crumbled over a salad, slipped atop a burger or even perched on the end of a Bloody Mary, there’s no end to the possibilities of candied bacon.

Whether you’re looking for a family recipe, something fast or the base for a feast, bacon can also form the core of a great meal. Go deluxe diner with our Double Bacon BLT. Or elevate a Saturday morning brunch with tarts: these Bacon and Tomato Galettes with Lettuce in a Black Pepper Aioli are the dish that can wow your in-laws. Need to whip of a big batch of comfort food? This Bacon and Potato Soup with Bacon-Parmesan Crisps will keep the freezer full.

Three Make It Tonight recipes for Bacon

Fast MIT

Double Bacon BLT

Fancy MIT

Bacon and Tomato Galettes with Lettuce in a Black Pepper Aioli

Family MIT

Bacon and Potato Soup with Bacon-Parmesan Crisps



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