Life with Diabetes is Easier with a Co-op Pharmacist on Your Team

January 31, 2018

Diabetes is a condition that makes great demands on your life. You become responsible for scrutinizing and tracking your glucose levels, then managing your diet and medications based on those levels. It can be daunting, even overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone.

The diabetes experts at your Co-op Pharmacy will walk this path with you. They will ease your burden and help you live the life you want with as few restrictions as possible. Whether you have just been diagnosed, or you’ve had the condition for some time, we can help make your life better.

You Don’t Have to Fight Diabetes Alone
The ever-changing nature of diabetes makes it a unique condition: 

  1. Your diabetes evolves. Depending on your activity level, diet and age, diabetes and the way it impacts you is always changing. 
  2. Treatments evolve. Diabetes is a long-term condition so new treatments or medications could be a better fit for you than the medication you are currently taking.

An ongoing partnership with a certified diabetes educator pharmacist at Co-op who knows you and your condition can really help you get the upper hand. Teaming up with one of our experts means you can stay on top of your diabetes, discover any changes and react quickly. 

Discover All the Ways We Can Help at One of Our Diabetes Clinics
Co-op pharmacists will be holding Diabetes Clinics at various locations to demonstrate how we can help you reduce the impact it has on your life.

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We’ll show you how our personalized diabetes services can ease your mind and make your life easier. Request an appointment or call one of our pharmacies for an appointment. 

Step 1 - Set Up Your Tailored Plan
A tailored care plan for diabetes management takes just 15-60 minutes at your Co-op Pharmacy. During our initial consultation, a Certified Diabetes Educator will:

  • Review your history with diabetes and current lab results
  • Assess your blood glucose and A1C level 
  • Discuss the proper use of blood glucose monitors
  • Review testing and targets for different times of the day
  • Review your medication, side effects, benefits and alternative options
  • Review proper injection techniques 
  • Adjust your insulin therapy, based on the latest guidelines
  • Provide a diabetes action plan for self-management

Step 2 - Manage and Evolve Your Plan Together
The way diabetes impacts you depends on many variables, and constantly evolves. Having a pharmacist with you every step of the way will help you revise your regimen to minimize the impact. We will help you eat properly, stay active and manage your medication. We will explore all the newest treatments and medications, constantly working with you to find the best ones for you.

Take Charge and Live Better
You are not alone. Your Co-op pharmacist becomes your advocate, your coach and your personal expert in your diabetes management plan. Visit one of our clinics, or drop into your nearest Co-op Pharmacy, and take charge of your diabetes. 

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