Gift Ideas to Send By Mail

Nov 16, 2019

sweetsmith candy co2If you want to treat a friend or loved one, why not surprise them and send a parcel to their home this holiday season? Sending a gift by mail is a very easy way to make someone feel special. 

Box of Chocolates
Sending a box of chocolates is a classic idea for a gift and never gets old. During the holidays, your local Calgary Co-op has many different boxed chocolates to choose from, including popular assortments, or look out for Co-op Gold Pecan Clusters, or local options like Sweetsmith Candy Brittles and Toffee. Pair the sweets with a sweet note and wrap the box in nice paper, then in something more durable for shipping.

Box up Baked Goods
What’s more special than sending a handmade gift to a loved one? Bring out your inner pastry chef and bake something that can be easily delivered without getting spoiled. 

You can make cookies and send them easily. Chocolate chip cookies or ginger-bread cookies are absolute delightful treats and can generally withstand the rigours of handling. Make sure to put them in a nice tin, add a layer of crumpled tissue paper, and stuff extra space inside with tissue paper too to cushion the goodies. 

Or you can make tender pound cake or yummy muffins loaded with nuts and chocolate chips—just skip adding any icing. 

aleppo soap2Give the Gift of Relaxation
Organic and luxury bath bombs are a great gift to send by mail—you’re giving the gift of relaxation! Look in your local Co-op for bath treats; Calgary-made Aleppo Soaps are natural and made with loving care, and smell great when your recipient opens the package. They’re both locally made and use natural ingredients.

Essential Oils
Everyone knows how beneficial essential oils are, and you can find many different oils and blends in the Calgary Co-op pharmacy or Natural Choice section. Choose holiday-themed oils like cinnamon, clove and orange. If your recipient doesn’t have a diffuser, you can purchase one from Co-op (there are diffuser pebbles, lullaby baby diffusers as well as new salt rock lamps too) or include a card with instructions on how to make a stove-top diffuser; add 2 cups water to a small pot and place it on the stove on the lowest setting. Add a few drops of essential oil (and even bits of evergreen tree, or cinnamon sticks) and let is simmer. It will fill the whole house with a holiday fragrance.

craft paper gift wrapGift Packing Ideas
When you’re sending someone a gift by mail, make an effort by wrapping the gift in a unique and fun way. The way you present a gift is almost as important as the gift you choose to give. 

Silk Wrap
Instead of a regular wrapping paper, give your packing a luxurious feel. Use a silk scarf to wrap the gift. The finish of with a nice ribbon bow and your gift looks smooth and sleek.

Magazine and Comic Pages
Want a colourful and eco-friendly way to wrap a gift? Save the Saturday comic pages or use an old comic book to create unique wrap for the comic book lover or eco-warrior in the family.

Include a card
Cards can often be overlooked, but they’re a nice way to send your holiday greetings. Plus, many cards now have small devices inside which can play a tune, making them a nice extra surprise.

Make Your Own Wrap
There is so much you can do with plain craft paper to make your gift wrap special. Sending something to the grandparents? Why not have your kids paint big sheets of craft paper with holiday colours and imagery. This memorable wrap is sure to make any distant relative smile!

If you’re in a holiday time crunch, it’s easy to pick up a few easy but thoughtful gifts while you’re doing your grocery shopping at your local Calgary Co-op store.



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