Gift Ideas for Grads

May 27, 2020

The months of May and June are an exciting time that often marks a major milestone in a lot of young people’s lives: graduation. Both high school and college or university graduations are a great accomplishment and many families throw a big party to celebrate their graduates. With the COVID-19 pandemic, not only are parties off the table, but it’s harder to shop for gifts too.

Since most of us can still make our weekly pilgrimage to the grocery store, we thought it would be a good time to share some gift ideas you can pick up from your local Co-op, as well as some treats that would be nice to pick up or drop off if you’re taking part in a virtual grad party.  

home gradGive the gifts that keep on giving…
First of all, many folks moving on to new phases of their life just want cash. That’s fine, but you can fold some bills (or an e-transfer receipt if you’re not handling cash) and put it in a nice card. Co-op has a large selection of graduation cards to choose from.

Similar to cash but not quite, gift cards are never a bad idea to slip inside a card. You can find a wide variety of gift cards to all sorts of different places. Restaurant gift cards are always appreciated but you can also get gift cards to department and retail stores, gas stations, and “techie” gift cards such as iTunes cards and Xbox gaming credits. Of course, you can’t go wrong giving out an Amazon card these days! 

Craft a Foodie or Snack Basket for a Virtual Grad Gathering
Consider building a special foodie basket for your grad or family. Loading a basket or container with snacks, candy, cookies, and other sweet and savory treats isn’t difficult and requires no cooking or baking.  

If you can’t actually share a meal with the graduate, you can also make a basket with a complete DIY meal in it; consider building a basket with fancy pasta and sauces that the graduate and their family can cook for a nice meal at home. A basket with charcuterie meats and cheeses can be enjoyed by all as well while Zooming together and reflecting on all those educational accomplishments. 

grad cakeLet Them Eat Cake!
Naturally, cakes are also perfect for celebrating a graduation, and your local Co-op will have lots of choices of exceptional, beautiful cakes for you to purchase directly from the bakery cooler. Of course, you can also customize your cake at the Co-op bakery; just call your neighbourhood store and ask to speak with the bakery to see about some more personal options.

Pretty Photos Need Fresh Flowers! 
Everyone loves taking graduation photos so they can all remember their special day. Even though most graduation gatherings have been canceled for 2020, graduates can still get dressed up in a hat and gown and take pictures at home. Your Calgary Co-op store has plenty of flowers and pre-made bouquets that will jazz up an at-home graduation photo shoot, as well as lush plants that can liven up a room or backdrop. 

Make Online Gifts Look Festive 
If you’ve ordered something special online, you’ll want to wrap it, and you can find gift bags, ribbon, wrapping paper and tissue paper, to make your gift look festive and fun. 

Overall, the gift you give a graduate doesn’t have to be boring despite specialty shops and retailers being closed. Your neighbourhood Calgary Co-op store has plenty of things you can find on your weekly outing to give as a gift to your special grad this season.



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