With every fill, a 5 ȼ per litre donation is made to your local community.

September 11, 2018

Co-op's popular community initiative Fuel Good Day is back! On Tuesday September 18th, 2018, fill your tank at Co-op and you'll be helping donate money to a number of local charities. Co-op will be donating 5¢ per litre of gas or diesel purchased from Co-op gas bars to Calgary and area food banks.

Join Calgary Co-op for Fuel Good Day

This is your chance to support your community, simply by filling your tank with fuel. Proceeds will go directly to food banks in Calgary, Strathmore, Airdrie, Okotoks, and High River.

“We absolutely love that Calgary Co-op is thinking of us,” says Shawna Ogston of the Calgary Food Bank, “It’s not just the money which we’ll use to provide hampers—and we are still providing a record number of hampers per month, over 5,000—but this initiative really helps us get the word out about how great the need is in Calgary.”

Co-op's Fuel Good Day is an annual event started in 2017. Last year's fundraiser raised approximately $50,000 for several local charities in a campaign that allowed Co-op customers to vote on which organizations should get the proceeds; Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids, Canadian Legacy Project and CUPS in Calgary, Helping Hands 4-H Multi Club in Airdrie, the Okotoks Food Bank, the Salvation Army in High River and the Strathmore Store Front School.

Organizations grateful for support from Co-op and the community

"Being a beneficiary of Fuel Good Day 2017 was a real honour and incredibly beneficial to our organization,” explains Sheila Hughes, Executive Director of the Okotoks Food Bank. “The money received ($1,180.60) was used to purchase milk cards for our families. Each family receives a gift card to a local grocery store so they can purchase the type of milk they drink. This generous donation allowed us to purchase 236 milk cards helping approximately 200 families. Providing our families with fresh food is extremely important to us. Without generous donations such as the one we receive from Co-op through Fuel Good Day we would be unable to provide these fresh food options for our clients.”

Fill your tank; fill a hamper

To take part in Fuel Good Day and have your fill-up go to these worthy charities in the Calgary area, just drive in to your neighbourhood Co-op Gas Bar on Tuesday September 18th, 2018 and fill your tank. 5¢ per litre of gas or diesel purchased will be donated to one of the charities. Your visit that day could help donate anywhere from a few cents, to a few bucks.

“Everything adds up for us. For every dollar that gets donated, we can leverage that into $5 worth of food,” explains Ogston, “So even if it’s just a few cents at the pump, it will really add up and go a long way for families and individuals in need.”

“As a cooperative business, we couldn’t be happier with the response we received from our members and the cooperative spirit that inspired this fundraising campaign,” says Karen Allan, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications, Events and Charitable Giving. “There are many individuals who struggle with the basic need of providing food for their families. By filling your tank at a Calgary Co-op gas station on Fuel Good Day, you are helping support hundreds of families in need in Calgary and surrounding areas.”

The Calgary Food Bank says these monetary donations will be used to buy things that families need, such as more protein-based foods, to deliver a bigger nutritional punch; “Things like ground beef or hamburger, dairy, or almond milk.”

Your donation though Fuel Good Day will also help a wide variety of people. Maybe even someone you know.

“We see a lot of families that you think typically wouldn't have to come to the food bank,” explains Hughes. “A lot of people that are in transition, that experience job loss ... maybe a breakdown of the marriage, an unexpected emergency, like getting a $3,500 vehicle repair bill. With food being the most flexible item on the budget, that’s usually what gets cut.”



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