Fuel Good Day: Helping Hands 4-H Multi-club

September 11, 2017

Fuel good logoJust by filling up your gas tank at local Co-op gas bars you can help local charities — and YOU get to pick where your money goes.

On Tuesday, September 19, Calgary Co-op will donate 5¢ per litre of gas or diesel purchased from our gas bars.

From now until September 19, visit the voting page to choose the community organization you’d like to receive your donation.

After the votes are tallied, each organization will receive the percentage of the donation that corresponds with the percentage of votes they receive.

We’re looking at all the charities and what they do to help you make your decision. Today, meet the Helping Hands 4H Multi-club.

Getting to know Helping Hands 4-H Multi-club in Crossfield-Airdrie

If your image of a 4-H club is young rural children getting together on a farm, and grooming a heifer for show, you’re only partially right. While 4-H clubs do have an agricultural component, today’s 4-H is more about teaching life skills, hobbies, and work experience to teens, and building them into tomorrow’s young business leaders.

Teens take part in year-long programs though the Helping Hands 4-H Multi-club. Whether they have an interest in creative writing, welding, or food and gardening, through the club they’re able to learn all about their chosen field.

Jacky Vang is the general leader of the Helping Hands 4-H Multi-club in Crossfield-Airdrie. She says the teens spend all year learning different aspects of a skill that interests them, and work with volunteer leaders that are experts in that field.

“We have volunteer leaders that are willing to promote a skill that they know, maybe it's in their professional life, but they to bring it to our 4-H members. Last year, I had members do a welding project. They did some field trips, they went to Olds College and they looked at the blacksmith shop and they learned about different types of welding. They learned how to use a welder properly, and the safety procedures around welding. Then they got access to welders and they made picture frames out of copper tubing. They also learned the technique of forging where it's heating metals to a super high temperature. Then using a hammer, they pounded out metal into knives. They were so incredibly proud.” 

It’s not just working with one’s hands that 4-H helps with. There’s also a component of teaching business skills to youth.

“They learn leadership skills, they learn how to run an effective meeting, they learn public speaking,” explains Vang. “I had another member who did creative writing and so within that project she had to do her resume. She had to learn how to write a business letter, how to send a proper email, there was a short story, poetry. So she explored a lot of literary composition within her project.”

 The Helping Hands 4-H Multi-club is grateful for being chosen as one of the organizations the community can support as part of Fuel Good Day.

“Out of all of the amazing organizations that are in the Airdrie area — to be the recipient of these funds is fantastic. Our club will use the funds to update some uniforms, and maybe to increase our membership. But I also see us donating back to the community because that is a part of 4-H as well. I can see us maybe contributing to a local food bank or looking for another need within the community. So even though the patrons of the Co-op that day will be contributing funds to our club it will have a trickle-down effect that will definitely show up in other places.”



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