Festive Fun with Kids

Nov 20, 2019

Nothing says ‘holidays’ like the smell of fresh baking. Whether that’s banana bread, pumpkin pie or a batch of traditional sugar cookies just waiting to be decorated, holiday baking signals the start of the festive season.

A nice way to get into the spirit? Throw a cookie decorating party for your kids, some pals or the family. It’s a great activity for your kids to enjoy and learn some baking skills—and where they can use their creativity, and enjoy the tasty results. 

Where to begin? There’s so much you can include in your cookie decorating event. It’s nice to plan for snacks and treats while the baking happens, since the little ones will probably be antsy with excitement. While the first few batches are baking (and then cooling so you can ice them) why not let the kids customize and decorate their own ice cream sundaes? You can pick up a few pints of delicious Fiasco Gelato and spread out all the best sundae toppings, or make Fiasco Gelato floats (check out our guide below). Another surefire hit with the kids? 

cookie decorationsThings You Need for Your Cookie Decorating Party
Here are the essentials you need to have before the party.

  • Squeeze bottles; they make frosting and decorations easy for kids.
  • Piping or icing bags and different tips
  • Use narrow bowls or tall glasses to hold the pastry bags for easy use.
  • Sprinkles and other edible decorations like chocolate chips, M&Ms, Oreo chunks, small candies, colored sugar, chopped nuts.
  • Premade Icings and Frostings; plain white icing is a must to include. You can have two or three more icings and frosting in other flavors like chocolate or cream cheese or use Royal Icing.
  • Food coloring
  • Paper plates; label the plates with the name of each child so they can place their cookies on it to dry.

Cookie Party Tips
Create separate stations for each activity; a baking zone and a decorating area. This will help you stay organized, and will help you clean up quickly after the party. Have paper towels, tissue papers, wet wipes, a mop, and a dustpan at hand during the party, in case of a major spill. 

Plan ahead by deciding whether you want to bake cookies from scratch or use frozen dough and just let them do the decorating. While it’s fun to see the kids trying different cookie cutters on cookie dough, it will take some time to bake them and of course they need to cool before they’re ready to be decorated. To save time, you can get frozen dough and skip the measuring and mixing. There’s many options in the freezer at your local Co-op Bakery. Or pick up ready-made sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies or plain butter cookies from the Co-op Bakery department and let the kids take over from there.

ugly sweater cookiesYou can also choose ready-made Ugly Sweater Cookie Decorating Kits for a cheeky cookie option, or if you’re looking for a project they won’t eat immediately, you can buy a Gingerbread House Kit and put that together while cookies are in the oven. Both are available in the Co-op Bakery Department.

Fun foods for your festive party

Ice Cream Sundaes
A special treat will help time go by faster for the little ones peering intently into the oven watching cookies brown. To distract them, let the kids make their own ice cream sundaes for the party. Provide vanilla, chocolate or a holiday flavor of gelato or ice cream. Place chocolate sauce, M&Ms, Oreo chunks, chopped nuts, waffle cones or pieces, and candies for the kids to build their own tantalizing sugar bombs. 

gelato float2How to create Gelato Floats
If you want to serve something fun and yummy to drink, include gelato floats. These are easy to make and a tasty treat. Have a couple of flavours of Calgary-made Fiasco Gelato, some whipped cream, and a couple types of soda. While cola and vanilla ice cream is very traditional for a float, you could also try vanilla gelato and orange soda for a creamsicle-type taste, or choose a festive flavour of gelato or ice cream and use Sprite or ginger ale. 

For mom, dad or the other adults who might be helping supervise, you can add some delicious spiced rum, orange liqueur, or chocolate or mint liqueur to your concoction.

To make floats, add a scoop of gelato to a tall glass, then fill with soda, leaving some room for whipped cream on top. You can also add garnish like mint leaves or chocolate shavings.

After a day of holiday baking everyone should be full, happy and tired. And hopefully you’ve got some cookies left over for gift giving!

Get all your seasonal cookie supplies at Calgary Co-op.



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