Fairview Bakery Sausage Rolls

December 23, 2018

The sausage roll. That staple of holiday parties and chilly winter nights. Whether it’s a full sized version or mini cocktail sausage rolls, they’re a fan favourite when it comes to entertaining. 

Many countries lay claim to originating this meat-filled pasty; the Brits and the Hungarians both have versions of this meat-and-bread wrap dating back hundreds of years, but the culinary art of encircling meat in dough dates back into the era of the Greeks and the Romans, when the bread was used to bulk out a meagre portion of protein to keep bellies full.

Today, making your own sausage rolls at home is less popular than it was back in the 1980s when sausage rolls were a popular cocktail party nibble. While an easy hack to whip up a batch in your own kitchen is to buy frozen puff pastry dough and breakfast sausages and roll your own, you could also make your own dough and stuff it with fresh farm pork sausage.

This season, it’s easier, and faster to pick up locally made sausage rolls at your local Co-op store. All Co-op’s sausage rolls are baked here in Calgary by Fairview Bakery. 

“We use a special recipe and we use only the freshest, highest quality ingredients,” says Leang Ly, owner of Fairview Bakery, “Our puff pastry dough is made from scratch and we make it just right so the rolls aren’t too flaky and messy.” 

Ly has been running Fairview Bakery since about 2003 when he bought the business from the retiring owner. Ly had been working as a geophysicist and a draughtsman in the oil and gas industry when he began dabbling in the food business, helping his wife with a busy catering service.

“I wasn’t a baker at all, but I learned a lot about it when I took over Fairview. We had done some catering work with them so I knew the owner wanted to retire,” remembers Ly, who jumped at the chance to purchase the established bakery, “I like how baking forces you to solve unique problems, and it lets you experiment too.”

Fairview Bakery produces other locally baked goods that can be found at Co-op stores; in addition to the regular and mini sausage rolls, there’s hot and spicy sausage rolls, chicken sausage rolls, pepperoni cheese sticks and a spicy polish sausage roll. Their products can be found in the bakery, deli and the frozen section. 

Fairview Bakery has been supplying foods to Co-op for about thirteen years and Ly says he values the relationship he has with Co-op.

“I like working with Co-op and coming up with new ideas for them. Co-op has been very good to us for many years.”

Ly says at this time of year he’s busy, with ovens running constantly, baking up all kinds of delicious creations for customers across Calgary. 

“Our customers tell us our sausage rolls are the best in the city, so that makes me happy.”

Find Fairview Bakery products at Co-op.



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