Eat This Week: Cowboy Casual Dinners

July 10, 2017

I don’t know what it is about July, but even though it’s hot outside, I want to eat chili. It seems like the original cowboy camping food, and I love eating it outside, on a baked potato if it’s not too hot to turn the oven on. Confession: many of the containers in my freezer contain chili. It’s not that I’m particularly fanatical about chili, but it is the sort of thing I tend to make in large batches, often to use up surplus meat or beans, and rarely do we get through an entire pot. I do like the idea of having some chili stashed away in the fridge for fall, when things get busy — but we’re not going to talk about that yet.

ETW july14 chili

I also like sticky-sweet-tangy things, especially the drippy ones (ribs! pulled pork!) that are perfect for eating in the grass, in your flip-flops. And because it’s been so hot, I pulled out my slow cooker to make some things — it won’t heat up your kitchen — and remembered these sticky, spicy drumsticks, which are like a meatier version of sweet hot wings. This weekend, I’ll make a big batch to plunk on the table with a pile of napkins to nibble as the fireworks go off for the last few days of Stampede.

ETW july14 drumstick

Of course, toward the end of the 10 days of Stampede I start craving salad — I like big salads and slaws that have lots of things in them. I’m particularly enamoured these days with Asian-style slaws, with lime and rice vinegar and honey, topped with salted peanuts. I could easily make a meal of it.

ETW july14 kale

And because it’s summer, my ice cream machine has been in heavy rotation — lately I’ve veered from the usual chocolate and strawberry to flavours I don’t have to compete with my 11 year old for, like burnt sugar and espresso ice cream. Oh yes.

ETW july14 Ice cream

Have a great week, everyone!

- Julie


Shopping list:
lean ground beef
Spolumbo’s Italian sausage
chicken drumsticks
half & half
canned tomatoes

Sticky Spicy Drumsticks
Spolumbos Chili
Asian Kale Slaw
Burnt Sugar Espresso Ice Cream



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