Eat This Week: Cooking Large Batch Meals

April 17, 2017

Cooking larger batch meals means cooking once, eating twice - or sharing dinner with someone who needs it!

I’ve been getting into larger-batch cooking lately, chopping a few extra onions or peppers while I’m at it to toss in the freezer for a head start on another day, or just making twice as much as we need to squirrel away for another meal or share with someone who could use it. There have been colds and flus going around, and I’ve had others cooking for me lately - it’s nice to be able to double down on dinner and take care of that nightly task for a friend, neighbour or family member who may be down with a bug or overwhelmed with work. Never underestimate the power of having someone cook for you - it’s much more comforting and nourishing than resorting to takeout.

Pot Roast JVR apr17

We rarely make pot roasts with just the three of us, but I do love making one - it’s so simple, and requires just as much time and effort to make a large one as a small one. I like to slice up the extra meat and pack it with veggies and gravy to bring to my mother in law (it freezes well, too), or to use in hash, sandwiches or pasta throughout the rest of the week. I also love butter chicken - who doesn’t? It’s happiness-inducing, one of my favourite things to make for people who are stressed out or under the weather (comfort + deliciousness + sinus-clearing spices), or pack away in the freezer for a night when we just don’t have the time or inclination to cook. Sometimes I pick up some naan, other times I make it myself - it’s easier than you think to make the soft dough, enriched with egg and yogurt, and you can cook it in a hot cast iron pan (no need to have a tandoor oven in your kitchen!), plus it’s about the perfect thing I can think of to pair with butter chicken. Leftovers, if there are any, are great for making pizza or wrapping around leftover chicken, or even making wraps with leftover shredded pot roast.

butter chicken jvr apr17

While we’re on the topic of sharing, pie is up there on the list, too - every spring I start craving pie, and luckily you can use frozen fruit (don’t thaw it first, just fill your shell quickly and get it into the oven) to get a jump on the spring and summer season. Rhubarb will be here soon enough, but until then we can use frozen berries and stone fruits - just add a little more flour or cornstarch than you normally would, and add a crumble topping for extra insurance, in case the fruit is so juicy it’s a spoonable rather than sliceable pie. It will still be delicious, and also perfect for sharing.

Stone fruit crumble pie jvr apr17

Have a great week, all!



Shopping list:

boneless skinless chicken breasts
sirloin tip oven roast
frozen fruit
all-purpose flour
canned tomatoes
beef stock
new potatoes


Pot Roast
Butter Chicken
Pulled Lamb Garlicky Tzatziki Naan 
Stone Fruit Blackberry Crumble Pie



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