Easter Breakfast Made Easy

Mar 28, 2022

Spending time with your family at Easter is one of the first joys of spring, and it’s made even more wonderful when you gather around a table full of good food. Easter Dinner is a classic, after all no one is going to be mad at a delicious glazed ham, but nowadays it’s just as common to host a festive breakfast or brunch, and those come with their own set of logistical problems.

When you don’t have a full day to prepare, especially if you’re also putting together an Easter Egg hunt for the little ones, it’s important to feature a breakfast or brunch menu that cuts down on prep time without sacrificing on flavor. Family style is a must, but what can you serve that’s going to wow your tastebuds and impress your family?

Here are five easy recipes that you can serve up this Easter that we know you’ll love.

Brunch Cheese Fondue

That’s right, this Swiss classic isn’t just for New Years Eve. You’d be surprised how amazing this rich and creamy dish tastes when paired with a breakfast sausage, crepes, homestyle hashbrown, or even a strip of bacon. You can even customize it with some fresh chives, smoked paprika, or a dash of real maple syrup.

 Grab the recipe!

Yogurt Parfait Bar

Leave the table behind and join the kids in the yard for their Easter Egg hunt this year with a delightful, DIY parfait. It’s dead easy, just lay out your favourite fruits, granolas (you can even make your own), and yogurts alongside some recyclable cups or bowls and let people build their own healthy breakfast. Bonus points if you provide dairy free yogurts and gluten free granola.

Breakfast Pizza

Grab a slice of something fun on Easter Morning with a Bacon and Egg Breakfast Pizza. Just top a store bought pizza crust (or pre-bake some fresh dough), and top with your favorite breakfast foods. Bacon and Egg is the GOAT here, but don’t be afraid to throw on some bell pepper, mushrooms, or breakfast sausage to really make it your own.

Hipster Toast Platter

Listen, millennials might have popularized avocado toast but that doesn’t mean it’s not for everyone. Pile a platter high with toasted sourdough, and surround it with your favorite toppings. Our favorite rendition is a combination of luscious roast tomatoes, still on the vine for maximum style points, whipped cream cheese with garlic and fresh basil, sliced cucumbers, and a balsamic drizzle.

Breakfast Burgers

Grilling season will be fast upon us, and what better way to kick it off than an Easter Brunch featuring these delightful burgers. You can make it as breakfast or lunch themed as you like, subbing in a delicious breakfast sausage for ground chuck, or even a plant-based patty for your vegan and vegetarian family members.



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