Deck the House for the Holidays

November 17, 2020

The days are getting shorter, the winds are getting colder; winter is officially on its way! Now is a great time to start preparing for the holiday season and, although this festive period promises to be different than what we’re used to, we can still indulge in a little holiday spirit! Since going out is not encouraged, we’ve got more time on our hands and now is an ideal opportunity to light a fire, heat up some mulled wine and get crafty at home.  

Check out some of these simple and inexpensive ideas for preparing your home for the festive season. Best of all, these ideas to deck your home all start with items you can pick up at your local Calgary Co-op store!

salt dough ornamentsMake Your Own Decorations

Colourful Ornaments
If you’re getting a Christmas tree in for the winter season, why not get creative with some DIY ornaments? You can make a gorgeous tree garland by threading pieces of popcorn and cranberries onto a piece of thread or dental floss. The colours look great together and it’s a better alternative to plastic tinsel. 

Salt Dough Ornaments
Make your own adorable tree ornaments from salt dough, which can be moulded into an infinite number of shapes and designs. Bear in mind that salt dough is not edible so if you want some decorations that are both pretty and delicious, opt for gingerbread ornaments instead. Make some extra gingerbread and some different coloured icing and you can spend a happy afternoon assembling your very own gingerbread house, too!  

Scented Garlands of Dried Citrus
Dry out some thin slices of apple and orange by baking in the oven at a low heat, then stud with cloves, sprinkle with cinnamon and thread them onto string for some all-natural and very festive-smelling garlands. String them around door handles, lay them across the mantelpiece or arrange them around the tree. 

Bay Leaf Wreath
You can also make a beautiful wreath from fresh or dried bay leaves, by arranging them in bunches around a wreath form. The dark green leaves have such a wholesome look and you can decorate the wreath with a ribbon or with a few sprigs of winter berries or cranberries too. 

soap foam printingFestive Candles from Cooking Oil & Soap Bubble Art
If you’ve slightly overstocked on hand soap (Cal & Gary’s Hand Soaps are all the rage at Calgary Co-op this season), it’s not the end of the world! Did you know that you can make art from soap bubbles? This crafty activity is a great way to pass an afternoon making something that will beautify your house on long winter nights. Another fun idea is to use water and ordinary cooking oil to make water candles

DIY Floral Arrangements
A sure-fire way to add some cheerful sunshine to your home, floral arrangements don’t have to be a pricey luxury. Choose a pre-made already-made bouquets, or pick up a few bunches of different flowers and greens and make your own arrangement at home. Using a few simple hacks, you can turn a grocery store bouquet into an arrangement worthy of a Park Avenue wedding.  

Balance your composition by mixing vibrant colours with more neutral tones by choosing two bouquets, one in a stand-out shade and the other in cream or muted pink. Elevate your floral bouquet with a good mix of wild greens such as ferns and eucalyptus and watch for festive greens like evergreen stems and berries to give it that extra wow factor.

Also, get creative with your vase options: try using a vintage milk jug or an interesting liquor bottle with the label soaked off in warm water. Take care to prep your flowers properly by trimming off any foliage that will fall beneath the water line - this will prevent bacteria forming - and snip off the edges at a diagonal angle before placing in the vase. Opt for flowers with thick, healthy stems to make sure you’ll get the longest lifespan from your homemade bouquet.  

You can also pick up cute florals such as rosemary mini trees, decorative orange trees and mini evergreens at Calgary Co-op this season, which add their heavenly scent to your decorations and also make great table ornaments and centrepieces.  

cal and garys hand soapStay Clean and Safe
This holiday season, it’s important to make sure everyone stays healthy. Why not prepare a cheerful basket of sanitizing products for your family and any guests you may have during the holiday season? Fill small glass bottles with a homemade sanitizer, made by mixing alcohol of 70% or more with an essential oil such as lavender or thyme, and write people’s names on the front along with a sweet message. You can also put in reusable cloth masks, scented Cal & Gary’s soaps and an all-natural hand cream to combat the dry skin from all that handwashing! 

Make the most of those chilly winter nights by hunkering down for some arts and crafts and decking the halls of your home. By trying some of our simple and inexpensive ideas, you can easily transform your home into a winter wonderland and make staying at home this holiday season that little bit more magical! 



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