Co-op’s Bakery Offers Custom Cakes for Your Special Occasion

Mar 12, 2018

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, or just looking for the decadent finishing touch on a special meal, cake is the way to celebrate.

Co-op’s bakery offers custom cakes that are ideal for a variety of tastes and dietary needs.

Pay the Bakery a Visit for Personal Service 
When you come to the Co-op bakery department you’ll get personalized service for your cake order. Co-op's expert bakery-decorators will help you choose the size, flavours and decoration that best suit your occasion.

Choose Your Custom Cake Flavours
Custom Cakes are available in chocolate, vanilla or carrot flavours. You can select a variety of icings to compliment your cake, from chocolate and vanilla, to strawberry, buttercream, lemon, cream cheese or real whipped cream. You can even add special fillings or fresh fruit. Co-op’s bakery will do your cake your way!

Co-op’s cakes are known for their moist texture and decadent flavours and when choosing a Co-op cake you know you’re getting fresh baked quality.

emoji cupcakesAdd Edible Images for Custom Flair
Sometimes a special occasion cake just needs that little something extra. Co-op’s bakery offers edible images on Custom Cakes. Whether you’re looking for Elsa from Disney’s Frozen to compliment a theme birthday party or for your child’s favourite Star Wars character or scene, you can choose from hundreds of images. 

Flip through the designs and choices at your nearest Co-op bakery and you might even find something surprising, that’s just the right fit for your event.

everyday awesome cakeTurn a Photo or Logo into a Custom Cake Decoration
Need something a little more specific? Co-op’s bakery can print your company logo or a photo onto a cake. While copyright laws do apply, the bakery-decorators can guide you through what’s required to make your Custom Cake look perfect.

Your photo or logo is custom printed onto thin sheets of edible rice paper, then it’s expertly laid over top of your chosen icing flavour to create a stunning cake that will be the most Instagrammable thing at the party.

paw patrol cake2Toys & Decoration - Toppers That Rock
With some of Co-op’s Custom Cakes, there’s a little something extra. Small plastic toys are part of the cake top and they’re designed to compliment the overall design.  A race track design on the surface of the cake just needs three dimensional race cars zooming over the icing road to make it sing. A Disney princess cake needs the princess herself overseeing her domain. 

Check the designs and accessories in-store to see just how much more amazing you can make your Co-op Custom Cake.

How to Choose Cake Sizes  
Are you having an intimate dinner a deux? Or throwing a bash for 40? You can choose the perfect custom cake for your needs, from a small Half Cake to a large Party Cake, there’s a size for every occasion.

Not sure which one is right for you? Pop in to the bakery department and let one of the bakery-decorators help you choose.

Quick Cakes at Co-op
You can special order most Co-op cakes within 24 hours. In some locations, if a bakery-decorator is on duty, you may be able to get something quicker. Ask at the bakery department to see what’s possible.

Allergies & Dietary Concerns
Co-op’s bakery department is able to create Custom Cakes for certain dietary restrictions. Egg-free and gluten-free cakes are available for customers in specific locations and with advance ordering. Contact the bakery-decorator in your nearest store for details.

Black Forest2Everyday Cakes at Co-op
Need a simple but delicious cake, fast? Pick up one of Co-op’s Everyday Cakes from the bakery cooler. Co-op's Black Forest Cake is legendary for its real cream icing, real Kirsch liqueur and decadent Belgian chocolate, all spread over rich and moist chocolate cake with sweet and tangy cherries.

You’ll also find Strawberry Shortcake, Cheesecake, Angel Food, Coconut Cream and luscious Profiterole Cakes.

Whether you need a quick dessert, or want to create the perfect Custom Cake, you’re sure to find what you need at Co-op’s bakery department.



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