A Pure and Sweet Canadian Product

October 20, 2019

We’re Canadian at heart. We believe in supporting our neighbours, taking care of our land and stocking our shelves with local, healthy, and sustainable products — like CO-OP GOLD PURE Unpasteurized Honey and Raw Unpasteurized Honey produced by Bee Maid Honey.

As one of Bee Maid’s partners, we’re proud to say we support ethically sourced honey. Bees are one of our world’s most precious pollinators — close to one third of all food crops are pollinated by bees. Without them, our farmers couldn’t farm, our fruit trees could fail and our food supply would dwindle. But, Bee Maid Honey has made a commitment to ethically source their honey while still providing a pure, high-grade quality product, including our Co-op Gold Pure honey varieties.

“Bee Maid Honey enjoys working with Co-op as we share a similar framework of working together for the betterment of our members and customers,” said Shannon Bowden, Senior Brand and Communications Manager at Bee Maid Honey. “We admire Co-op’s commitment to Canadian products and love that they choose to support Canadian producers such as Bee Maid.”

Often, what makes a partnership so great is sharing similar values and treating each other with respect. We’re proud to have a great partnership with another co-operative.

“Co-op is always open to new ideas and treats all members of the Bee Maid team with integrity and respect,” said Bowden. “We appreciate joining forces with another co-operative to bring quality, 100 per cent Canadian honey into the homes of their members!”

Fun Fact: Bees can recognize human faces.

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Western Canadian Honey

Some of the world’s best honey comes from Western Canada. And, Co-op Gold Pure unpasteurized and raw unpasteurized honey varieties are sourced exclusively from more than 300 Western Canadian Beekeepers through Bee Maid Honey. They carefully vet the beekeepers who are part of their collective, ensuring high quality, delicious honey — they know, just as we do, that not all honey is created equal.

Canadian Farmers and Beekeepers Surviving the Great Depression

Bee Maid Honey origin story is similar to our own — we were both born of a need to work together to survive.

“In the 1930s, times were tough across the Prairies,” Bowden tells us. “Already hit by the Great Depression, Canadian farmers suffered due to a merciless drought that lasted most of the decade. But through that adversity, came opportunity.” The Co-op experience was very similar and, just like Bee Maid, through adversity came opportunity.

The Manitoba Cooperative Honey Producers was created, just like the CRC, to relieve a distressed situation. “With very limited resources and a minimum of processing and packing equipment, the co-operative began operations in an old rented warehouse in downtown Winnipeg,” Bowden states. “It was at that time that the co-operative began marketing their honey under a registered brand name.”

Bee Maid Honey believes in local, sustainable and ethically-produced products, just like us. We chose Bee Maid Honey as one of our suppliers for this reason. Their honey meets such high standards, it’s even sold internationally; shipped out with a proud, red maple leaf affixed to the label.

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A Co-op to Co-op Relationship

Bee Maid Honey is owned and operated by two co-operatives: The Manitoba Cooperative Honey Producers and the Alberta Honey Producers Co-operative. They’re made up of independent beekeepers who want to give back to their communities while doing what they love. Bee Maid Honey products are sourced from owner-producers — their dedication and commitment to quality is especially high because they own the company that distributes their product.

That dedication shines through in high-quality products like Co-op Gold Pure Unpasteurized Honey and Raw Unpasteurized Honey. Look for these items at your local Co-op Food Centre.



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