Cluck N Cleaver & Spolumbo's partnership with Co-op

Jul 7, 2019

An innovative new concept is open now at Co-op West Springs. You could call it a store-within-a-store, but this unique partnership brings great quality local, brand-name fresh-and-ready foods directly to your neighbourhood grocery store. 

Calgary Co-op has partnered with Cluck N Cleaver and Spolumbo’s to give customers their fried chicken and Mediterranean food fixes without needing to head to the city’s core. 

cluck cleaverCluck N Cleaver and Spolumbo’s are opening stand-alone kiosks inside the West Springs Co-op location, and each will feature all the signature foods these popular local food purveyors are known for.

“It was a collaboration in terms of what Co-op wanted to see in their community stores and we’ve been looking to do something interesting as well,” says Tom Spoletini, of Spolumbo’s. “I’m really looking forward to seeing how customers receive it.”

The Spolumbo’s kiosk, like the Cluck and Cleaver venue, will operate independently from the grocery store. Each will have it’s own unique decor, and their own cash registers for purchases.

“Co-op wanted to offer great quality local food to their clientele, things that people can grab quickly, but that is still good quality,” explains Francine Gomes, one of the co-owners of Cluck N Cleaver. “They really wanted to partner with people that specialize in this, so they’re leaving it up to the experts.”

At the Cluck N Cleaver counter, Co-op customers can find all the fan favourites they’d expect, with the same level of quality and service found at the store’s flagship location on 14 St SW. 

“It will be a true Cluck N Cleaver, with offerings like fresh French-style marinated rotisserie chicken, our crispy fried chicken, chicken sandwiches, and fried chicken tenderloins,” shares Gomes. “Plus we’ll have a collection of sides and salads, and even our chocolate chip cookies—all made in house, from scratch. Everything will be handmade on location by our wonderful crew.”

canneloniOver at the Spolumbo’s counter, Spoletini says they’re looking forward to serving existing customers closer to home, but also introducing their product lineup to a new wave of fans. 

“We’re going to bring a taste of the Mediterranean to West Springs, and you’ll see some of the things we already do at our deli in Inglewood. You’ll find our sandwiches, and our whole meals and salads, things like our cannelloni, our baked pastas, lasagna, that kind of thing.”

If you’re looking for a quick lunch or getting dinner to go, you’ll have choices. Co-op’s West Springs location will have seating available so diners can pick up their food and enjoy it while it’s hot and fresh, right in the store. 

The Spolumbo’s fresh sausage offerings will remain available back in the meat department case, so customers can continue to pick them up during their grocery shopping. Spoletini says he’s thrilled to not only continue, but to expand the longstanding relationship Spolumbo’s has had with Calgary Co-op.

“We’ve been in Co-op stores for over 20 years—we’ve had a long partnership. We started at our own neighbourhood Co-op in Dalhousie, and my mom still shops there every week. In fact, that was the first store we ever sold our sausages to.”

fried cickenWhen it comes to Cluck N Cleaver, while the relationship with Co-op may be newer, everyone is excited about the prospects.

“We’ve been wanting to open another location for a while. This will be just the second location we’ve opened and we’re excited about this partnership. We’ve been taking it slow because we want to continue to make sure we’re offering the highest quality we can; we use only whole ingredients, no preservatives and no frozen birds. We like to say everything is ‘Fresh as Cluck’!” laughs Gomes.


Learn about Cluck n Cleaver's hours of operation and more on their website. 


Please Note: Spolumbo's Food Counter has closed at the West Springs location.



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